The case of external LG drive

What kind of drives is used in external burners like this?

The standard, internal 3.5" units or special drives? Is it possible to mount another, standard drive (LG or other manufacturer) in that case?

I believe that they are SATA drives, as far as i remember from the drive that I have.

Thank You for answer. But what’s about the replacement of the drive? The front panel seems to be a part of the case - not the drive. Is the drive’s front panel simply removed or LG used the special drive not compatible with standard cases?

The front of the faceplate is part of the the drive, in my case, you can put another drive, but if want look pretty. Here is how it look with an optiarc drive installed.

I will assume that if you want you can remove the original faceplate, but then you will have to find a drive that you can put it, I will assume that your best bet would be an LG drive? maybe? if not just put another working drive and you are ready to go.


Thank You very much for answer. Now all is clear.
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I hope that it provided a solution to your problem.

THANK you for this.

This addresses another thread of mine in which I lamented at the unavailability of inexpensive external enclosures.

A factory refurbished GE24NU40 is commonly available for ~US$20 shipped; the ability to swap out the drive is a great plus. The enclosure looks a lot more friendly to disassembly/reassembly than the one used by LiteOn and HP for their former full-size externals.

I have an external GSA-E10L that looks exactly as the photo above, but I suspect that there is an IDE drive inside. Can anyone advice on how to open the enclosure?

Well you need to remove the four plastic feet to gain access to the four screws, after that there is one more screw int he back, and you should be able to separate the top from the bottom. I dont think that there is much more to it, that assuming that LG used the same chassis.