The Canadian Election and Copyright Reform

Hi Guys
We in Canada currently have an opportunity to influence how copyright reform is to proceed in Canada thanks to the current Federal election. While listening and making choices on who to vote for, we should consider those who are running their position on Copyright reform in Canada. Some questions we could ask are found here Starting today I will be questioning those in my riding how they view copyright reform. My vote may make a difference how the Government of Canada changes Copyright Law.
Think about it

Okay, so who do I vote for that is for keeping p2p networks legal? :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a collective issue, if Canadians push our soon to be elected representatives on the subject of Copyright reform we may avoid the USA problems of DMCA. See for more information. It is more than just legal p2p. It is the rights of consumers and access to copyrighted material ( ) The recent report by the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage shows that our elected representatives have a limited understanding of all the issues ( and
If we want change we need to be vocal about it - otherwise unwanted change will be forced upon us.