The Cakebox Gallery

Thanks for the pictures, [B]kg_evilboy[/B] :smiley:

I see you’re still making very informative contributions to this forum :clap:

EVERY cakebox of Sony MIJ TY DVD+R 8X that I have purchased has looked just like this here Fuji (which my Fuji did not) -

Same style/color for 25pks and 50pks, though 2 different sizes.
AND the MIT Sony 8X and 16X cakeboxes looked identical to those (so just read the fine print).

Well kg_evilboy we may get all kind of MIJ Media and 650MB CD-Rs over here in Japan but the prices in comparison to the US is nuts… The last time I bought TY DVD+Rs I had to ask a friend living in the states to bring me some TY sold by RIMA (much cheaper than in Japan specially since the DVD+Rs in cakeboxes are very hard to get - only 1 seller over the Internet in Japan). And I am still using my Plextor PX-708 and NEC ND3500 DVD Burners (OK I know, maybe I should buy a new burner and replace my Plex…).

For the german folks you could order online through SVP.
For plextor branded arround 21,50 euro but then you should have shipping still ordering more as 3 spindles seems to make it allready doable.

Incase of Belgium and Dutch folks cdrwinkel might be a nicer option for smaller ammounts.(25-24 euro’s a spindle) (specially with the discount of last week ! (Which made it 22,72 euro’s for 50 pcs.(But pacakaged as 25 pcs spindles. )
Incase of Franch folks there French sister cdvierge

ALso another option would be cdfreakswebstore. (24 euro’s)

But I personally have some doubts about Yuden000T03 seeing that 16x Ritek +R seems to be able perform better as TY incase of Benq1640 when it comes to errorlevels.


this is very interesting. Where exactly have you bought them? I am asking, as there is a Pro Markt in my city, too.


It was Pro Markt Homburg/Saar. It was the first time I see them there, so I think these Verbatim Taiyos are rather rare.

Here are some of my Cakebox pics for you guys:

i’ve just bought a couple of these Maxcells… RICOHJPNR03… awaiting for tests :wink: and the cake is pretty the same…

Thanks. Seems, I’ll have to check “my” Pro Markt next time. :slight_smile:


Here are some recent TY - MIJ DVD-R x16 TYG03 White Inkjet Glossy w/ Watershield - 10 piece ‘cakebox’ pics.

Those Fujifilm they are real Taiyo Yuden?

If they are I’ve bring the wrong cake box :sad:

Well bought one Taiyo Yuden fake with CMC MAG E01 discs from Platinum (8x).

It is made by >PP< but there are no inscription in the top of the box. Just under… Oh well, even though I’m able to write to them. My DVD recorder is a QSI and it just like of some discs. Lucky those are one of them.


Gray bottom Fuji (Europe only) is TY.
Look for MIJ, this does always work. :slight_smile:

The Platinum cakeboxes don’t feel right. The tops aren’t as soft and often don’t fit (sometimes too tight, sometimes too loose)…

So, I´m still searching for a quality CD in Germany…today, I bought one of these…it looked well presented and wasn´t cheap. Scanned it - it´s a verdammt Ritek :doh:

What about this…plenty around…is it crap as well?

Maxell CDR will most likely be Ritek aswell.

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Maxell CDR will most likely be Ritek aswell.[/QUOTE] :iagree: Last time I bought a cakebox of Maxell CDRs with the exact same design, the discs were Ritek [B]95m15s17f[/B]. Despite the 52X advertized, in my burners the top speed was 48X. No complaint about the quality, though. But I have no data yet (far too soon) about their degradation rate.

My CDRs in the same packaging were Ritek as well.

Here´s another…not cakebox, but as I said earlier (somewhere) it´s suddenly become extremely difficult to find quality CDs.

EDIT: Sorry…in Germany!

These Sonys were expensive however…€9 for a pack of 10 in jewel cases. The scan says the manufacturer is Sony. Should be good is my feeling…anyone know what they are like?
good cds would be nice for my music, but it´s really critical for my photos)

Personally for CDRs I wouldn’t choose Sony over Ritek, even less so with “for audio” CDRs that are way overpriced.

You should find Plextor CDRs, or Verbatim “pastels” CDRs, which are both TY, in a good online shop. Have you tried

If your after cd’s that say for audio on the front the verbatim live it audio cdrs are TY or like Francksoy the pastels or plextors, there both good i have used them.