The Cakebox Gallery

It is possible to guess the manufacturer of a package (cakebox) of discs by looking at specific characteristics. Manufacturers like Taiyo Yuden or CMC Magnetics have special cakebox designs, making their products easily identifiable.

And as we Germans say, a picture tells more than a thousand words. This is why I’m starting a thread with different cakeboxes forms and styles from all over the world. :iagree:


Maxell used refurbs of old style Prodisc cakeboxes with Ritek media in them in the 8x days in Europe.
MCC 004 (Verbatim 16x DVD+R) can come in CMC, Prodisc or Moser Baer-style cakeboxes.
And oh yes, some cakeboxes in this post have been tampered with.

Let’s start with CMC:

CMC 10 cakebox

CMC “new style” 25 cakebox, new style 25s don’t have tall lip
(Yes, I filled some new discs into this after the cakebox went empty.)

CMC “old style” 25 cakebox with tall lip

CMC 50 cakebox with tall lip

You can clearly see that the CMC cakeboxes all have serif “LOCK/OPEN” font. This is not true with Verbatim Pearl White CMC media, but this is a rare exception.
Also, all CMC cakeboxes have a rectangle and a recycling triangle on the other side.
Old style CMC 25 cakeboxes also had a tall lip. All 50 cakeboxes have a tall lip, and no 10 cakeboxes have a tall lip. CMC cakeboxes never have a round lip!

Now, let’s go on to Prodisc:

Prodisc “new style” 25 cakebox, broken

Prodisc “old style” 25 cakebox, refurb sold by Maxell with Ritek media

Prodisc “new style” 50 cakebox

Prodisc is another Taiwanese manufacturer making discs for Verbatim/MCC. Pretty normal cakebox, the “LOCK/OPEN” font is sans serif but bold.

A rare encounter, TDK Luxembourg:

TDK “Made in Luxembourg” 25 cakebox

It looks normal, but it has a significantly smaller “LOCK/OPEN” font than other manufacturers. The bottom has a five-letter code (like BWAEB) over the recycling triangle.
The lip is round.

TDK used to have a factory in Luxembourg, where TDK/Imation 8x DVD-R, TDK 4x DVD-RW, TDK 800 MB CD-R and TDK ScratchProof have been made in the last months. Now it seems that the factory is either closed or has changed owners, it has been making media for Sony the last months.
I have also seen 10 pcs TDK Luxembourg cakeboxes.

Bconsistency master, Ritek:[/B]

Ritek 50 cakebox

Only had this photo at the moment, sorry. Ritek cakes often have gray bottom. I don’t really know more about them as I don’t have one here to play with… :frowning:

Exotic Style, Taiyo Yuden:

Taiyo Yuden classic style 25 cakebox

Taiyo Yuden new style 25 cakebox

Taiyo Yuden classic 50 cakebox

Taiyo Yuden classic 50 cakebox in shrinkwrap

Taiyo Yuden, old style, 50 cakebox in shrinkwrap

The Taiyo Yuden classic cakebox is special. It is one of the most cloned cakebox styles. Usually the genuine ones are made of >PP< and have a code like FIC1-B on the top. Most Taiyo Yuden clones are made of ABS.
The new style look like normal cakeboxes and have a gray bottom like Ritek and Sony cakeboxes.
The even older TY cakeboxes have a screw cap on top. I haven’t used those and have no details on them.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

(Of course feel free to answer, comment, correct, or add. Currently I don’t have access to Ritek, MBI, Daxon, Sony MIJ, Maxell MIJ, … cakeboxes to make photos!)

Excellent work :clap:

I have a question though :
Does Sony MIJ TY media come in TY style cakeboxes ?

Thanks for breaking the ice, [B]minaelromany[/B]!
As far as I know, it comes in normal, gray bottom “new style” cakeboxes and not in the classic That’s cakeboxes.

Indeed an excellent thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks kg

Why there are no 100 disc cakeboxes ?
At least for Verbatim . My brother is a member in Sam’s Club and 100 pack of Verbatim MCC004 is sold there for under 40$ , does the serif font theory apply to 100 pack cakebox ?

Sure it should!
I’m too poor for 100 disc cakeboxes. :wink:
No, seriously, they’re not much cheaper than 2x 50 disc cakeboxes and lack flexibility and usability. My hands aren’t that big…
Add the fact that no shop here carries 100 DVD disc cakeboxes! CD yes, but I don’t need so many CDs.

I bought a 100 discs spindle Verbatim Pastel CD-R two months ago at Staples, Wiesbaden, Germany :smiley: And they were that cheap - only 16,90€ :iagree:


I finally understood what the SERIF font is–it has the little lines under the letters, or the little “feet.” :doh: I had only been using the lips and rectangles to ID the CMC-made batches before. :doh:

Thanks for the great pics, collection and commentary on all the various cakebox styles, KG_evilboy! :clap:

Yes , you are right , 100 discs cakeboxes are not as handy as 50 discs ones .


wasn’t there word that the 25pc Fujis were made in japan, but packed in china?

is it possible that TY doesn’t decide what cakebox this 3rd party company uses?

I am agreeing with Darth Boy, too.
Here in the United States it doesn’t always look like as the pictures post in the thread.
It might be a difference between those sell in Europe and the States.
Most of the disk cake box here I haven’t seen that much in the States with its brand.
Even the disc itself sold in the region looks different. Most of the discs sold in the States are MIT, MIJ has been always rare.(not just discs but also most of the electronics and computers also) But it seems there are much more discs and goods are readily available in Europe as MIJ. Korea and Hongkong has much more access to MIJ that I am sure and I guess now Europe also.

By the way it is good gallery Kg_Evilboy.
I have a Fuji CD-R spindle on the last picture with screw top. I purchased it a few years ago. It’s been off the shelf for a quite a while and it was genuine MIJ printed on the shrink wrap but also on the top of each disc also. I personally liked this cake box spindle. It is really secure since its screw top and also quite flexible depending on how full the spindle are, you could actually use screw top to secure more tightly or lesser with several more discs to fill up. And of course no accidental opening of rid. I still have one filled with archived backup discs.

Hello to everyone I just joined and hopes to share a lot of information:)

Yes, I have several reports of TY doing packaging of MIJ discs in China. Haven’t seen their plant personally though, so can’t really confirm.
Most of the discs sold in Europe are MIT and MIC too. We don’t have Sony 8x DVD media, Fuji 8x is rarely MIJ, Fuji CD-R isn’t MIJ, I have not seen ANY TY Verbs in this area… The only place where a CDfreak can be REALLY HAPPY is Japan!

I have bought a 50 pieces spindle Verbatim 16x DVD+R Made in Japan, yesterday at Pro Markt. They use the typical Taiyo spindle and have as expected Yuden 000T03 mediacode.

They are of good quality comparable to Plextor Yuden 000T03, a little bit higher PIF average values, PIE average around 0,8 with the PIO 111 around 1,1 with the BenQ 1640. You can see a sample in the PIO111 Scan thread.

The price, ok not very impressive 34,99 EUR, but they are worth the money.

Where do you live?
I can get TDK YUDEN000 T03 for € 26 for 50, which is nicer, but the quality… well, it’s slightly better after enabling HT and OHT with my Litey.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve seen Panasonic 16x DVD+R (25 disc cakeboxes) in these “new style” cakes with gray bottom too. So those seem to be a rather recent product, and it seems that TY makes the customer choose which one he wants.

The Fuji cakes aren’t nice though, the gray bottom is very thin and the “workmanship” isn’t very good. It seems to be slightly shaky.

Saarland, Germany

I know that the price was not good, but Yuden 000T03 are hard to find in normal stores of my region. Shortly ago I get also TDK branded Yuden 000T03 much cheaper, but they are much worse than the Verbatims with all my burners (BenQ 1640, Pioneer 111, Samsung SH-W 164L). So the Yuden 000T03 mediacode alone is obviously no garanty for high quality media, sadly but true. I see you have made similar experiences with these TDK Yudens. So TDKs own TDK003 are much better than these Yuden TDKs.

And thank you for your Cakebox gallery, very useful.

Taiyo Yuden TYG03 16x DVD-R printable 25pcs spindle + TY CD-R 700MB printable 25 pcs spindle:

theEye, I don’t believe those are genuine TY. I thought TY would only use That’s cakeboxes, gray bottom cakeboxes or screw cap cakeboxes.
Could it be that your retailer has refilled empty cakeboxes with parts of 100 packs?

Those are genuine TY from OS-Mediatrade in Paderborn.
I don’t think they somehow re-packaged them (since they were all shrinked in foil).

Check the left DVD spindle. Zoom into the very light grey text at the bottom of the warning paper and you’ll see 'Made in Japan / Manufactured by TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD.

quite a nice/strange thread though :slight_smile:

well… i don’t have a digicam :frowning: or else i could give u some pics of the 50pcs Moser Baer Verb’s cakes, the old Imation/SKC 50pcs (those for 4x DVD-Rs), the old Princo cakes (though i’m sure no one can go wrong identifying them :stuck_out_tongue: )…and the old TY 50s, CMC 50s, the new CMC 25s… well… even lots more… i just need a cam :frowning:

sorry for not being able to contribute :frowning: but keep on the good work :slight_smile:

Just saw that I accidentally deleted a few of those images as they were on my webspace with all the other files :doh:
Will upload them again later.