The Bridge of San Luis Rey, R1

The Bridge of San Luis Rey, R1, (2004-Eur/2005-US) released today. If any of you also have TBOSLR, please fire up CloneDVD2 v2.8.5.1 and answer a question for me. I figured out how to back it up OK but curiousity makes me ask the following:

Notice that there are two full movie title sets:
TS07 - 1:59:55 - 22 Chapters (TS includes 5sec "PG"rating screen and 5sec of player transition time)

and also

TS09 - 1:59:45 - 21 chapters (player accesses the “PG” screen via TS04 before chap1 plays so there is one less chapter)

When I play the original in my standalone player, there is no menu choice of two different movies such as the common choice of a WS version and a FS version. When I choose play from the menu, TS09 is what plays (no choice).

The only way to play TS07 is via the “Title-Set” button on the player’s remote control. The entire movie IS indeed on TS07 BUT there are no chapter stop readouts visable on the player’s on-screen display. If you try to use the remote to advance chapters ( >>| ), the movie does move through it’s chapters but without showing up in the on-screen display as chap1, chap2, chap3 etc.

Let me add that TS7 >>IS INDEED<< a true, full version of the movie which occupies it’s own layer on the original. It’s NOT(!) like those fake “Angle” or “introduction-language” title sets that don’t take up any real data-space … which the experienced among us know about already.

So, I gotta know: WHAT is UP with THAT?!? I’m not a novice but this is outside of my experience. I’ve never run across this in a DVD release before. Is TS07 recognized by and meant to be played on a different kind of device such as PS2 ? Or is it a ROM version ?

Just curiosity … I gotta know.

Thank you and Best regards,

BTW: The backup instructions for The Bridge of San Luis Rey are to uncheck TS07 and just backup TS09 with what ever extras you want to include. If you are splitting, use the scissors to make Disk1: Chap 1-10/21 and Disk2 Chap 11-21/21 which keeps you at 100% with all extras included on both disks.


Now that the movie has been out for a week, I thought I’d bump this thread and see if anyone had bought it and could answer my question.


Sorry, I have not attempted to back up San Luis Rey, however, I would like to expalin my experience with you.

I don’t recall the two movies but on both occassions they failed to play properly on my stand alone, it kept reverting to the menu and would not play the movie.

I always use movie only and preserve menus so I have the chapter selection option. By default CloneDVD always selects the longest title, these two movies had two titles that were only about 20 seconds different.
By selecting the shorter of the two, the disks palyed perfectly.
I know learned to look at the titles before I burn and make sure there are not two close in length using the same language.
If I see this again I will use a R\W to burn it using the longer title, if that fails, I am almost positive the shorter one would have been the correct choice and I’ll burn that to the R\W. If it works, I’ll burn it to a regular DVD, nothing lost but my time.

As I said it’s only happened to me twice so it’s not a big deal, but now I’m aware the possibility exists.

That appears to explain what happened to you by selecting the TS09, the shorter of the two it worked, by selecting the TS07, the longer, it failed.

Don’t know for sure but possible cause may be linked with AnyDVD by removing adverts and trailers or selecting Jump Directly to Main Movie or Title Menu. A more conclusive test I failed to do with these two troublesome movies should have been to try Movie Only without the Preserve Menus to pinpoint if it was menu related.

Thanks, I am delighted that someone took the time to take a crack at my post.

It is not a request for a backup solution. It is instead a request to resolve my curiosity. IE: why is TS 07 on this DVD?

All that you said is often true. But I already knew what TS was the correct one to burn. BTW, my method is not to test on a RW. I just put the original in a player, choose play from the DVD’s menu, and whatever TS shows up on the player’s on-screen display is the correct TS to backup.

My question is WHAT is that other TS doing there? It is exactly the same movie occupying it’s own layer as stated above but is completely unaccessable from the movie’s menu (I don’t want to type it all over again, anyone just read my first post).

But the only (round-about) way to make it play is to choose TS 07 by using the player’s (JVC) remote control “Title/Group” button. In other words, that TS is not meant to be played in a standalone DVD player because there is no menu choice to access it.

My question IS NOT “which TS to back up?”. I already know that.

My question IS “What device is TS 07 meant to be played on?” It is not occupying it’s own layer for no reason. Flash version? ROM version? PS2 version? Internet version? Check out what I wrote above about the odd chapter stops.

Thank you itzbinnice, I did learn a couple of pointers from your post-back. … just not what I was hoping to resolve my deep curiosity. I think maybe someone has to both read my first post and also have the original to try in their player in order to understand what I’m saying. It’s not like the other double titleset movies we’ve encountered. And there’s no backup solution requested … just a question to be answered. Thanks for your indulgence.

Best regards,

Sorry, I’m not able to answer your question as to why both those titles are present.
I can only assume the longer one maybe related to those who choose to Clone the entire DVD and may have some feature included on the longer title that was omitted from the shorter one. As I mentioned I rarely saw this and I was simply not as ambitious as you in finding out why. That’s what happens when you get old, the trivial things don’t matter, you’re just grateful to be able to open your eyes in the morning and having survived the night.

All kidding aside you are correct in stating that the original would be needed to provide a clue of what the difference is. Having any extensive library and memory failure, I don’t remember exactly the two I had problems with and I’m not willing to insert over 400 DVD’s in the drawer to locate them. I will check it out the next time I encounter this. It would be interesting to see if the two titles are actually taking up the disk space. I wouldn’t think so, I would think that only 1 title is present, the shorter one, whereas the longer one would be directed to that file and add some instructions to it.
If both tiles were physically present on the disk you’re talking almost 4 hours for the movie you are referring to.
This is pure speculation on my part though and I may be way off base here.

I hope somebody can jump in and offer some insight that has a better explanation then my theory and able to answer your question.
It’s good that you are inquisitive and want to know why, that’s how progress is made.

I can only say this CloneDVD and AnyDVD have worked superbly for me and wouldn’t consider using anything else. It works perfectly for my needs and abilities so if I experience a few bad burns once in a while I can live with that. As mentioned Clonedvd uses the longest title by default, if the manufacturer hasn’t mastered the disk by traditional means it’s not the fault of CloneDVD.