The Bridge 1.02 is now available - P2P software from France

I just posted the article The Bridge 1.02 is now available - P2P software from France.

Another new file sharing network is available on the internet. The software seems to work with clubs that allow you to share a certain type of files. The software, that is developed by a French…

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so it sounds like it connects to multiple networks at a time and allows you to download from all of them??

Looking Good :wink: I’m getting fed up of going from one P2P application to another and another, etc. just to find rare stuff!

What I hate about P2P networks is when something comes up in your search results, and you try to download it and you can’t. It’s unreachable, or there’s no response, or it has been refused. and all this crap. Shouldn’t these results have been filtered out from the search. I mean I know the software is perfect because the nature of the network it self. But shouldn’t the search function do something to filter out files that you can’t download anyway? Maybe this program will solve that problem. But I highly doubt it.

I meant the software isn’t perfect.

Err - I’m not actually too sure whether this actually does reconcile all the known networks. Seems to me that it is indeed another different network. But who cares ? As long as the network is robust and well thought out, people will use it. EDonkey for example is a very clever networking system which takes multi-source downloading to new levels, and because of this, a kind of culture has built up around it in much the same way as newsgroups. IMHO I wreckon it’s still early days really, but at the end of the day there will eventually be a cool winner. Infact for me, EDonkey and WinMX with just a dash of SoulSeek does it for me already ! Respect goes out to all the P2P coding boys - nice one. :4

don’t see the point in any new network. you can easily find and fastly download anything from fasttrack, if it’s not there, from edonkey, even if download takes long. the files are where the users are and most users are on fasttrack, edonkey and overnet, and that’s where I am too. useless to use a network with how many? 40.000- users or less

The Bridge also requires the .net framework to work. On the good side, the last time I visited the OverNet site they said they were working on a non .net version.

Check out emule. It’s the best edonkey client.