The box tells BENQ from BTC for the I/O Magic



I found out that the box tells the story whether your getting a BENQ or the BTC.

The BTC should have:
16x DVD+/-R Write, 4x DVD+R Double Layer Write
-8x DVD+RW/4x DVD-RW Rewrite, 16x DVD-ROM Read

  • 48x CD-R Write, 24x CD-RW Rewrite,48x CD-ROM Read

The BenQ should have:
16x DVD+/-R Write, 2.4x DVD+R Double Layer Write

  • 4x DVD+RW/4x DVD-RW Rewrite, 16x DVD-ROM Read
  • 40x CD-R Write, 24x CD-RW Rewrite,48x CD-ROM Read


luckyjdr, you are correct. When I was at Staples, I noticed that there were two different boxes. I compared the boxes and found that one of them had faster numbers listed on the box. I thought that I was being smart picking the one with the better numbers…NOT!


Slight correction on the BenQ box: should be “40X CD-Rom Read”
Actually shows in this order, under the title, Specifications: (on side of box)
E-IDE / ATAPI Interface
Write- (40X CD-R)
(16X DVD+R)
(16X DVD-R)
(2.4X DVD+R DL)
ReWrite- (24X CD-RW)
Read- (40X CD)
(16X DVD)

Wish someone had posted this before Black Friday!
Thanks, dishinit


Yeah, me too. :iagree: :iagree:


If you folks haven’t return the BTC, wait a while and exchange it with BenQ within 14 days (return period). I exchange my BTC yesterday succesfully after browsing four different Staples.


Actually, because of the holidays, the return date is before January 8th. Of course, verify it before you take my word.


True, but exchanging (assuming they don’t just swap them out with no paperwork) will probably screw up the easyrebate I already submitted, no?


It seems that the I/O Magic switched over to BTC from BenQ because BTC drives offered higher specs (4x DVD+R DL, etc). If true, this may mean that only older stock of I/O Magic will have the BenQ.

I have both boxes sitting in front of me. So here are some more easy ways to distinguish whether the I/O Magic box contains a BTC or a BenQ :

  1. BenQ box shows a picture on the drive with two dark grey “RW” symbols on the drive’s drawer faceplate, the BTC shows “16X” instead;

  2. BenQ box is the SMALLER of the two boxes;

  3. BenQ box does not have a serial number sticker on the top, the BTC does;

Hope this helps…


Also, the BenQ clearly shows in the specs 2.4X DVD +R DL specs as well as 40X CD-R speeps, BTC shows 4X and 48X respectively for this specs.


Thanks to all you guys. I used this information to find the Benq i/omagic at local staples stores. Found it in the fourth store that I stopped at. I had a $20 coupon and the drive was for $90 with $30 rebate. So, I was able to match the black friday deal of $40. :bow: :bow: :bow:

The drive was the original Benq retail with B7C9 firmware. I have upgraded the firmware to B7P9 now.


That’s a steal; especially for a retail BenQ DW1620. Cheers to you for finding that deal. :bigsmile:


I thought $60 US was good for a rebadge.

THAT’S just wonderful.