The bottom line----

OC-FREAk helped me realize the PX-716A is’nt worth the money I paid for it.
I am soo sick of fiddling with damn burner! I swear, I am wasting soo many DVD’s and soo much money for nothing! This stupid burner is like a High Maintenance chick that only burns somewhat OK with expensive media which is STUPID. I delt with it since I first bought it, but now it is time for me to move on and buy that Benq.

Guess I agree with you, the Plex is great at writing good quality media at 8x and 12x, but when burning @ 16x it is iffy at best, even with good quality media.
Don’t get me wrong here. I love my Plex and it writes Excellent at 8x and 12x. Just not great at 16x yet!! :slight_smile:

I have two Plex DVD burners 708A and 712A Because of the problems with the 716A I opted for the BenQ 1620 for a DL burner and I have not regretted that decision. but that said I dont think I would feel to bad if I had a 716A now since they have worked out it’s more serious problems with firmware updates. I really dont care that much about 16X burning why pay a premium for 16X media when there is so much good quality 8X media that will burn at 12X with good results?

Funny Babywipes, I feel the same way, except that I paid less for the plextor than for a BenQ … so I am not quite as bummed and trying to be optomistic. I have wondered, as I threw coasters into the garbage, if the plextor is like some kind of foreign sports car that’s expensive, that people are fans of, but which requires, as you say, lots of maintenance.

I guess in automotive terms, plextor “people” would own Maseratis and BenQ people would own Subaru WRX STiS which are quicker and more reliable. :slight_smile:

Luckily there is firmware upgrades, and hopefully the plextors will eventually be worth what they’re asking for them ($110+ USD).


What is the problem with the plextor?

I have had the 716A since November and started out using verbatim 8x dvd-r
for copying movies with dycrypt and shrink…
I never had a coaster.
Have been using verbatim 16x dvd+ for past month or so and still no coasters…
Have burned well over 80 movies, have the 1.04 firmware, and have done many copies
of the original burns and still no coasters…
Have done all the plex tools test and my burn speeds on the graph show 16x or a bit higher…
Do I have the only decent on made here or are the problems software related./?
Also use Nero latest version…
For me it’s the best burner I ve owned but sure sounds like I;m alone here
unless I go to where just about everyone who owns one raves about it…

I’m gonna have to disagree. At 8x or 12x Plex is still behind NEC or Benq, sure it has improved from 1.04 to 1.06 but it’s still not up to pair. I can burn much better quality disks with BenQ and NEC than Plex. Not to mention that in 1.05 and 1.06 PoweRec kicks at about 2.5-3Gig mark in and drops the rec speed to 4x on printable TYG02 that burn fine at 8x with PoweRec OFF and also fine on Benq and Nec at the rated 8x.
I wanted to like Plex but I’m simply running out of excuses to keep this burner.

No, I also believe it’s the best burner I’ve ever owned. I don’t know why so many people seem to be having trouble with theirs, but mine has been going strong since January at 16X on Verbatim + and - with quality that bests my old Pioneer 106D. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat, so I don’t know what to say.

It might be overpriced for its writting quality on some media but for me,it writes perfectly on the media i can get here.I like its quality check and gigarec stuff.Actually,it all depends on what u’re using it for…

Don’t think so! At least not with my burners. My Nec doesn’t come close to the Plex with slower burns and My Benq I have just got so can’t say. If you take a look in the Plextor Quality scans you will see lots of 8x and 12x burns with PIE’S below10 which my NEC 2520A simply can not do! Of course every one is entitled to their opinion. :slight_smile:

Hi People,
I’ve been useing 2- 716 a’s since January. TLA 0203 & 0304. They came w/ fw1.04. I skipped 1.05 and have 1.06. Useing Maxell 8x,Verbatim 16x, TDK 8x, and Memorex 4x. With the Memorex I made a couple of coasters, but that was my first few attempts and I’ve had much success since then. :smiley:
I just may have a comp that’s in good working order, and 2 good 716s that from the git-go gave me NO problems at all. I’m an average consumer who’s not looking for light speeds,…just good quality. Plextor Rules!! :bow:

  HP Pentium 4 
  2.53 ghz.
  728 ram

Well, it’s not really an opinon but rather experience based on the spindle of 40 or so 5 different brand test DVD’s burned on each burner and than scanned on BenQ, Plex and LiteOn and played in standalone. I’m sure there are variations between the same drives so we shouldn’t really generalize that because someone here posted an excellent scans with TYG02 @ 8x I should be getting them too. I am just reporting my personal experience with the 3 burners that I have (This is the second Plex 0304, first 0203 went back). It’s too late for me to return NEC, To return Benq I’d have to pay 15% restocking but still have two days to get my money back on the Plex. What to do, what to do…
And to think that I was happily burning with the Sony DRU500A for 2 years before I got on this testing craziness.

@dariuszr. Took me three try’s to get a decent Plextor and I was convinced that I didn’t want another Plextor before they fixed the problems, but while returning it I decided to give it one more a try and got a good one (Lucky I guess). We shouldn’t have to go through this. Plextor needs to make this right!! Maybe try another? It’s sad to say but if you get a good one you’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

Exactly my point. I shouldn’t go through the guessing game whether my burner is good or not. I’m already on the second one. I was expecting a little bit better than that from Plextor.
I know that NEC and BenQ have there problems too (heck, I have some printable 4x ProdiscS03 that BenQ will not even start to burn), but they seem to be more consistent with the burn quality.
Tonight I’m swapping all my stuff to the new case I got (6 5 1/4 bays just to hold all DVD-CD readers/burners combinations) and will give Plex one last try.

swapping 3 drives for a decent one is surely unacceptable from plextor.

My experience with the PX-716A is that it does well on good DVD media but is terrible at burning CD’s. I have tried Memorex 52x Cd’s that will only burn at 16x or lower. Anything else and I get a “no seek complete” error. This has happened all the way through FW 1.05 and 03 version hardware. The drive just seems too hit or miss when it comes to doing anything sometimes. It gets very frustrating when I want to burn a music cd that should take 5
minutes and then an hour later I am still fighting with it.

The drive is master to a Liteon DVD rom as slave on an NFORCE2 chipset with Microsoft drivers. I have a PX-708A that works flawlessly.

Anyone else feel my frustration? Just seems that I should set aside an hour when I want to do anything CD related with this drive. For the price I expected more.

neither of my 716s have any trouble burning CDs. could be the litey as a slave causing the issue. both my 716s are alone as masters on primary and secondary IDE channels.

Is that (single-master) through trial and error that you got them to work best that way, or just the way you decided to place them in your system? I have had “no seek complete” errors in both Nero 6.x and Plextools. I’ve also had errors that have said something to the effect of “cannot something something to [99:xx:xx]” Can’t remember the whole error, but it almost seems like something is telling the drive to go to the 99 minute mark on the CD and it fails because it can’t. Both of these errors happen before any data is written to the disk.

I use sony 1x-48x cd media and it burns at 48 x…
Plextor tech told me to keep the 716A alone[if possible] on the IDE as master…
He was possibly right I think because when I pulled my Cd ROM drive out[ slave on same IDE]. I resumed full speeds on DVD and CD media…
I gave up on the fly copying because of this…
no big deal. don’t mind writeing to the hard drive since my verbatim 16x burns at 16 .

Hmm, interesting. I’ll have to try this when I get home. I don’t mind pulling the Lite-On if it means better consistancy with the Plextor.