The (blue foam) ring

After just having received some Fuji 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000T02) I was anxious to put them to the test, so I quickly inserted one and started to create a test data disc in nero cd/dvd-speed. A horrible sound followed and upon opening the tray a blue foam ring fell out… sh*t …

Convinced that this must have been some internal part of my 3520 drive, I opened it up looking for a place to put it back. I removed the bottom plate then the top cover, no place for the blue foam ring! I did see some other interesting stuff inside the drive, for example it appears that there are lots of solder bridges inside that apparently can be soldered one way or another to make some setting. Also there are some traces runnning to a bunch of holes on the back of the drive where a connector can be soldered. Could be JTAG or some other type of debug interface…
A very weird thing is that the drive eject button is for some reason disabled when the bottom plate is removed. The bottom plate is used to close the circuit used for the eject button :confused:

So finally I learned that a blue foam ring is NOT some internal part of the drive :stuck_out_tongue: but at least I got my curiosity satisfied. Also I learned how to take apart a 3520 drive (and put it back together), might come in use sometime :bigsmile: . Some PIE/PIF scans show that the drive’s performance has not suffered from this little adventure, also I’ve done a couple of successful burns since then. The blue foam ring must have been used as a spacer in the spindle package to keep the discs from shifting, but I can still hardly believe I overlooked it when inserting the disc into the drive.

I think you “overlooked” something, but in the same time learned much more… :smiley:

Good luck with your new drive.

i unknowingly once burned a FUJI 8X DVD+R with the blue paper still on the top disc. everything was ok after that…phew :o don’t ask me how i missed that one.

I will be expecting a detailed report of how you tried to re-attach a thin white foam ring and a thick white foam ring after you open another DVD spindle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we can also expect to hear about experiences with burning the special transparent disc at the bottom of the spindle (the 11th, 26th or 51st disc)? :bigsmile:

I had to choke on my coffee to keep from spitting it all over my keyboard! I haven"t had a good laugh like that in a long time. It is funny what we do when we get over zealous.
The clear plastic discs get used by putting label on each side and trying differant settings and so forth on my Epson 300 DVD printer. Almost nothing goes to waste here.
Oh, thanks for posting…

Those blue super mini foam DVDR discs aren’t very compatible with most standalone units. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t tried to burn a foam ring yet. they only do 2X i hear. and may need a strategy swap to get good quality :smiley:
I do frequently try to burn 2 discs in the same drive at once though. That also makes an aweful noise :smiley:


Can someone come up with some new firmware for my 3500 to burn those blue foam rings? Would be nice if they could burn at - say 12x or even 16x maybe-



Geez… my 1620 can’t do 2x burning, it only does 2.4x. :smiley:

I remember 2 CDs at the same drived read fine. (Of course no drive can read the upper one. :slight_smile: ) I haven’t tried to burn CDs or read DVDs that way…

I’d love to see the PI/PIF scans on the blue foam rings… I bet they’re better than the white ones…

How about the white foam rings… I heard they burn even better and some are even DL! =)


If you play them backwards, they say something about Britney Spears being the anti-christ.

Welcome to humanity. Hope you enjoy your stay.