The Blame Game

Ooooh … Cause and Effect :wink:

The aim of this game is to to make people laugh …
You have to blame a particular CDFreak for causing a world issue, due to something humourous (& hopefully fictious).


  1. You cannot blame the person posting above you.
  2. You cannot blame the last person to blame you for something.
  3. You cannot blame either of the CDFreaks blamed in the last 5 posts.
  4. You cannot repeat a world issue.

I’ll go first.

Airhead is to blame for Global Warming because he Exposes his hairy nipples to passing nuns.

[B]Geno[/B] is to blame for the [B]draught [/B] in [B]Australia[/B] because his [B]mom makes him wash the dishes and he uses so much water-eh![/B]

Arachne is to blame for the Saddam Husseins trial dragging because she continually called up Saddams defense lawyers and talked about her kitty.

[B]Sexy_Southerner [/B] is responsible for the depletion of the [B]rainforrest[/B] because [B]she causes so many spills in HMB that require a lot Bounty paper towels made from Amazon trees-eh![/B]

[B]Slayerking[/B] is responsible for [B]Typhoons[/B] because of the[B] continuous flatulence[/B].

Taxman is to blame for world hunger for sending me so much chocolate!

[B]Ssseth[/B] is responsible for [B]acid rain[/B] because he [B]tips his pickle juice down the drain[/B].

Hemispasm is to blame for the pickle wars because he continues to set fire to wallpapers!

DrageMester is responsible for the brutal clubbing to death of small, cute, baby seals in the arctic because he keeps too many dragons as pets and; having large appetites and feeling dissatisfied after dinner; they enjoy eating said small, cute, baby seals as crunchy snack food: in the same way that people enjoy eating pop-corn.

Clearly, I am responsible for over-punctuation. But I don’t think that’s a world issue.

Debro is to blame for corrupting our youth because he teaches them how to get free porn!

bigmike7 is responsible for Teenage Binge Drinking because they drink to forget those wiggling buttocks.

[B]Sexy_Southerner[/B] is responsible for teen pregnancy since she is inspiration for so many horny teenage boys.

Jesterrace is responsible for the exploding rabbit population because he plays too much metal and rabbits are easily influenced. Now all they do is listen to Motorhead and F*** like, well…rabbits.

Mr Belvedere is to blame for my inability to blame debro because he encourages said debro to post in this thread.

[B]iamrocket[/B] is to blame for [B]CDF picklemania[/B] because of his [B]dreadfull avatar[/B]

[B]Dansmug[/B] is to blame for the [B]depletion of purple dildos[/B] worldwide because [B]he’s bought them all[/B].

[B]Prof. Honeydew[/B] is responsible for [B]high levels of illiteracy in civilised countries[/B] because [b]she confuses people with over-punctuation[/B].

Airhead is to blame for Midget Porn because he downloads so much of it

The Dynamic Duo are at it again ([B]Debro and Slayerking [/B] ) just recently are the ones to blame for the great fire that almost destroyed chicago because they were in a barn trying to light ([B]Debro[/B]) one of [B]Slayerking’s[/B] farts and the lantern fell over causing the worst fire the US has ever seen.All these years they let us believe it was a cow … now we MOO the rest of the story…

[B]Dee-27[/B] is responsible for [B]widespread childhood obesity in western countries[/B] because [B]she exercises so much that the kids reason that on average, the human race is fit & well[/B] :stuck_out_tongue: