The Blame Game!



Alright, the Blame game is pretty simple ->


  • The culprit must be clearly highlighted.
  • Your opinion must be backed up by some form of logic, hilarious or not.
  • You may not provide the same response as a previous post.
  • You may not post agreement to a previous post, you may not reply to a previous post! (No taunting the poster for their nationality/creed/colour/typo’s/etc)
  • We want good clean fun, no hitting under the belt.
  • The culprit is not debro, Womble, Mr B or Airhead. :iagree:
  • The culprit can be domi, tax or Ssseth and his pickles.

Who is responsible for Global Warming?
You may extend this to include the hole in the ozone layer, as they appear to be linked.

I say down with Macdonalds!

Macdonalds provide a market for cheap South American beef cattle.
Beef cattle produce alot of methane gas, which is a greenhouse gas.
They grow this cattle by clearing trees, which absorb Carbon Dioxide to grow.

This is a double whammy.

A greenhouse gas (CO2) is no longer reduced by trees, and greenhouse gas (methane) is simultaneously increased by an growing number of cows, resulting in much higher greenhouse gas levels!

Ok, someone elses turn.


I say start with CDFreaks user: debro

debro often makes usless posts and threads about nothing, causing other cdfreaks members to read for elongated periods of time, sometimes even respond, while having their PC’s on, emitting heat, which causes the users (the clean ones at least) to use deodarant from the temperature raise in the room which causes them to sweat, this which contains chemicals that destroy the ozone layer.


Ahem: Read rule 6.


Why not? I don’t mind being blamed or being the culprit. People should shout out their frustrations. Come on, blame me for bringing you in a bad mood, feel better and have a drink.

Who is responsible for terrorism?

Shell supports governments, signs contracts with government companies and will do anything to keep its oil reserve at an all time high. They rule the economies that use combustion engines. Therefore the local civilians in oil-rich countries get nothing out of it, save a few important families. Jealousy leads to hate, which turned into terrorism.


I say Slayerking, our Fartman…his farts cause massive global warming :wink:


I feel its time for me to speak out against


According to a group of Dutch researchers, chocolate contains four times the levels of catechins (a type of antioxidant) as black tea, a beverage often studied for its antioxidant activity. Another study found that a 1.5-ounce piece of chocolate contains the same amount of the antioxidant phenol as a glass of red wine.

But chocolate is by no means a “health food,” because its antioxidants are delivered in a high-calorie, high-fat, fiber-free package, unlike fruits and vegetables, which supply an equally strong punch of health-promoting antioxidants but with virtually no fat, very few calories, and a significant dose of fiber and other healthful nutrients. In one group of study volunteers, it took between 200 and 550 calories worth of chocolate to see a measurable increase in their bodies’ antioxidant abilities. And in another study, the protective antioxidant effects lasted just two hours.

all those calories for just TWO hours. :cop: