The Blair Witch - True?

Hey all,
I got The Blair Witch on DVD a few days ago, I has seen bits of it on TV but never really watched it properly. I have watched it all the way thought now and I’m kinda confused. Everything on the DVD says its real, but I always assumed it was just a movie. Having a quick look on the Net, people are claiming that it’s true. Have I just been fooled or did it really happen?


just a movie dude

As real as Britney Spears Singing Ability.

Lol indeed…

The way the movie is filmed does give the impression that it’s all real, but it’s just a movie. Just like Dan Brown’s “The Da vinci code”; the way it is told makes you believe it’s all true, but it’s just a made up story…



Well you’re not the first person that believed this movie to be true. I first watched it with two girls (both about 18 by that time I believe) and they were scared as hell… :slight_smile:

It was hilarious. I remember people swearing that it was real even after the actors had done the late night circuit (Letterman and Leno…).

Serious? Oh darn… what do those ppl think? That the movie was produced in the future so their actors weren’t dead yet?