The BiN... possibly BiNARY!

I recently Downloaded a few WinWar files which contained ‘BiN’ extension files and assume its the program itself, but what can I do them?

Do they need to be put back together or does some program use these in a special way?

Looking at the file closer, it seems to contain TRACKS like Track 1 to whatever!

Are they iSO or Image files? Is for a CDR software to put straight to CD and use?!

Thanks for your help good freaks of the super duper CD Freaks! :slight_smile:

Guess you don’t read this forum very often…or else you could have known that *.bin files are usually accompanied by a *.cue file to be used in CDRWin or Fireburner.

When the *.cue file is not supplied with the *.bin file you can use for example ISObuster or WinImage to extract the image file and burn the separate files as a Data disc.

I’d suggest you use the search as well, you might find helpful answers there.

Thanks DOOD, sorry for my stupidness, but I work alot and have a very busy life too, so I don’t on here often!

Thanks for your help, most greatful! :slight_smile:

PS. Where have I been moved to!?