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Because you closed your F.A.Q. thread I had to make a new thread to reply on it. First of all thanks for all the work making this F.A.Q.
But now I want to know why you don’t mention my page in the F.A.Q. (or I missed it…). I a few months the page is up I had over 150.000 visitors and it is growing. I know a lot of people use it to download firmwares because they are all there on one page.

I hope to hear from you!



And a answer to the question "Why is my Nec burning X disc rated Z at the (Y less than Z) speed? "

I had not looked at the FAQ until just now, but it’s extremely helpful. One of the best I’ve seen. The discussion of firmware is a must read.

a very very good FAQ… thanks to dee-27 :wink:


Z = 16x
Y = 8x

First of all.
I did NOT create the FAQ on my own. and lot of the FAQ came from wesociety’s NEC FAQ. there were also contributions from Liggy, Code-64K and others.

There was a method of contact via the FAQ, although a thread is no problem. :slight_smile:

If you would like to send feedback or contribute to this F.A.Q., please feel free to send wesociety or Dee-27 a private message.

Also the new method we have for creating these FAQ’s (thanks to Code-64K) mean we can change the FAQ very quickly :slight_smile: So i’ve already made a few changes, following suggestions here. :wink:

@scorpiosoft. Your site not being mentioned was an oversight. added a link now.


Thanks :bow:

The new FAQ r0x0rs.
Thx for the suggestions guys…

I think what’s missing from the forum and from the firmware page is a tool that you could choose what drive you had, what media you had, whether you were interested in straight speed-hacks or quality of burns, and based on your choices provide you with the best firmware for the job. I know the information is in the forums in a variety of places but most people don’t want to have to read 40 threads, some quite large in size, to find out this information. We have great members who selflessly test firmwares, but no clear & concise place that lists the results of the tests. For example, in one post a member can say “I got great burns with this on Taiyo Yuden TY002 media!”, only to have someone three posts down say that it didn’t work or was slower for them, followed by a new firmware revision two days later.

I’m not attacking, I genuinely thank all of those who moderate the forum and modify firmwares, providing them to the user community for their benefit with no monetary gain for yourselves (only our admiration and thanks). There is a lot of great signal in this forum, it’s just hidden under a lot of noise, more noise as more people buy NEC drives and find this forum. Would it be possible to have some sort of poll thread rating the different firmwares for different media? For example, a TY00002 thread listing all of the modified firmwares and let the members who have done testing vote on them?

Perhaps I’m alone in this wish, I just saw the need. When you go to Scorpiosoft’s FW page and are presented with 10 different options all with RPC1 and Riplock removed, it would be nice to get an opinion of what people in the know think the best firmwares are at any given moment.

Thanks for your work and thanks for reading, peace.

mcorleone: such a poll would be useless…

  1. It’s not only the firmware who decides the quality of the burn… but also the drive itself… and mostly the disc… they are variable… I’ve seen a lot of good and bad burns on even YUDEN000T02 with the same firmware.
  2. Such a poll wouldn’t be objective… most members will vote for a firmware without trying another firmware that would give better results and some would vote for a firmware because they like the name or modder better… It’s the same as a poll which burner is the best… majority of users wins… even if it’s not the best drive.

I think everyone should test the firmwares for themself… it’s the best this way… mainly because of number 1.

If by your own admission then, different people with the same drive model and the same media have vastly different results, why even ask people for said results? Certainly some sort of guideline or rating system, however flawed, would be less ‘useless’ than nothing, as is current state, no?

So write one? Shouldn’t be that hard, if you think there is a real need and you’re willing to put in the time.

Brother Vlad

Well… if there are more good results then it’s a better chance it will work for more people… but this doesn’t mean it will always work… In the end everyone will have to test for themself if it works for them too… Don’t take me wrong… I think it’s a good idea… but the problem is how accurate the results of the poll will be.

Like the firmware themselves, there are no guarantees - Same disclaimer with the tool. “The results of this poll are subjective and we do not guarantee that your results will be as good or equal to the results shared by others.”

As for writing the tool, I pretty much thought that this could be covered by a poll function within the forum - We would lose contributors by requiring them to go to an external site. That and I don’t have the knowledge of what firmwares are good for what media. Perhaps you’re right about the maintainability of it, though - If we did go the poll route and today, firmwares A-D exist and C happens to accumulate most votes in the poll, when E comes out the results will be skewed to C, even with the possibility of E being better because C would have been out longer. I see the “problem”, just can’t see a clear solution yet. Maybe just a single sticky thread where users post "I have the 3500A and Ritek G02 media, I care more about speedhacks than burn quality. Which firmware would you guys recommend? If mods could keep the thread clear of off-topic stuff it could be a straight question and answer thread. Of course, the expectation would be that there are no posts of “DUDE, THE INFO IS IN THE FORUM, SEARCH FOR THE THREAD”, because the point of the thread would be to cut down the search time and get clear concise answers. It should also keep these types of inquiries confined to a single thread.



Well, let me tell you the story about a certain thread in the LiteOn forum. The very first post had several references to posting on-topic, including

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text that warned that any off-topic posts would be subject to move or deletion without warning. Guess what? People still posted off-topic. For the first few months, I actually moved each off-topic post off into another thread. But that’s tedious (the vB interface sucks) and tiresome so I eventually just deleted anything that was OT, but even that is annoying to do. That was just one thread (it was special, so I implemented the strict rules). Not only would doing that for multiple threads be a bit draconian, but it’d also drive the moderators insane after a few weeks. :wink:

I agree with this, but don’t expect my page to have this functionality. The page only functions as a mirror site.
Maybe an on-line database where users can leave their tests of firmware, media and burners. I know the overclock community uses such on-line databases to collect and share their overclock results.

Updated The Big NEC FAQ
With a link to Herrie’s new firmware for the ND-2500/2510

Updated some links in the Faq