The big Challenge for someone clever

I have an internal IBM 4/8gig Tape Drive model no IBM4326NP (series 7206)firmware release 4.BK.

This is the new microcode(is this firmware?) released for this device. These are the details from the IBM site

RS/6000 IBM 4GB 4mm Tape Drive Microcode
This package is being provided to allow the update of older IBM 4GB 4mm Tape Drives to the current level of microcode that is currently shipping from IBM.

Version 2.60 10/01/2000

Microcode contained in this package
Microcode in this package is for the following IBM 4mm tape drives:

4GB 4mm internal tape drive (mine)

4GB 4mm external 7206-005 tape drive

4mm external 7332-005 tape drive

4mm external 7336-205 tape library

Now here is the problem

To determine the level of microcode in your 4mm tape drive, type the command on an AIX prompt:

lscfg -vl rmt* | pg

The response to this will be:

Machine type and model … IBM4326NP…
Device Specific(Z1) … 4AC, or 4… or 5620 or 5…

What is AIX?

It gets worse

Installing the Microcode

Follow the Download procedures on the Web site. Be sure to download the files to the /tmp directory as the following instructions assume the /tmp directory is where the download was done to.
Print and read the README file.
Change directory to the /tmp/4mm_tape directory where you downloaded the microcode to from the Web using the AIX command:
cd /tmp/4mm_tape
You will get the following files:


4GB 4mm internal tape drive and 4GB 4mm external 7206-005 tape drive microcode file:

This is the url

IBM pSeries & RS/6000 Microcode Password
You should record this eleven character “case sensitive” password:

Password: RS/6000

You must enter this password to unzip any microcode file. You now have all you need to download pSeries & RS/6000 microcode.

4mm 4GB DDS2 Tape Drive (7206-005) 10/01/2000
Version 4Co0 5ALL 6640

I can only assume that the 4mmtape.bin is a zip file but in a different OS. If someone can work this out and d/l the file from above and unzip it for me under the AIX/Unix/Soloris OS? Can you please send me the contents of the zip as a normal winzip file to Then how we will get the new microcode installed under windows me will be another topic.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.


Sorry; no challenge at all.
I unpacked with Winrar in Windows envirement and repacked to an SF file; send it away now to your email-address.

Thanks for that :slight_smile: never thought of trying it, I just redownloaded the file and used Winrar and hey it works. but now I do I flash the tape drive with the new firmware, as if you read the doc that comes with this bin file, u need to issue certain AIX commands to flash the firmware upgrade :mad: hmm maby u can get an AIX shell to run under windows, can someone please check this out for me.

I will need the following files to run under the shell

AIX command:

lscfg -vl rmt0

If the Z1 field is 5xxx then do the following AIX command:
cp IBM4326N.30303131.5ALL /etc/microcode/IBM4326N.30303131.5ALL

  Install microcode using AIX Diagnostics.                                   
      - Make sure you are signed on as root                                 
      - Issue the AIX command:                                              
      - Press enter on the initial diagnostic screen                        
      - Select the diagnostic service aid                                   
         (How this is selected will vary by AIX level)                      
      - Select microcode download                                           
         (This will be down several screens)                                

Note: When you are in the diagnostics and the diagnostics ask if you have the microcode on diskette reply No and the
microcode will be loaded from the /etc/microcode file you copied from /tmp/4mm_tape directory.

  • Follow the diagnostic instructions for completing the
    microcode download.

  • When the download completes there is no need to recycle
    the system or the tape drive as the microcode is now active
    in the drive.