The big CDFreaks WINDOWS 7 Thread

Hi everybody,

I just downloaded Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and I’m about to install it tonight.

I noticed that some of you folks already have this or another beta installed and I’m curious what you think, hate and or like.

Also please let us know which programs are working and which not. slytrans69 already createt a thread about it here.

Looking forward to a nice discussion.

I think Zathros made a thread also as well as DEE-27. Been using it on a P4 laptop like it a lot better than vista (32-bit version).

Thanks I found a Windows Compatibility thread by Zathros here but none by Dee.

However this thread is meant to not only cover compatibility but also to discuss W7 in general, features, ease of use…

Here is Dee’s thread

Does anyone have the Creative 64 bit X-FI drivers working? Also I can’t get my USB Belkin wireless drivers to work. Right now I’m running Windows 7 64 bit in a VM under linux. I can hear a collective gasp coming from Redmond as I write this. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Another windoze7 thread :doh:

Faster than Vista.

The only programs that or drivers I have had a small problem with were the ASUS mobo drivers on my sons computer. I only have Windows 7 on his. He has more hdds than I do. I have Vista 64bit Ultimate on mine and it seems what works with 64bit Vista Ultimate works with Windows 7 64bit Ultimate ( as for software I mean) . I think there may be some driver issues. My son wont let me near his Alienware so its hard to tell. He runs a Raid 0 Raptor configuration, and then he has other hdds for other OS.