The better way to burn .img?



I have a bunch of *.img files that I need to get on DVDs (using Nero). Both of the following would work:

1- mount *.img in daemon and let nero copy from virtual DVD to burner.
2- change *.img to *.iso and burn the image.

Any reason why one of the above is better than the other?

P.S. I don’t want to go thru the process of actual image file conversion because I have quite a few and they are on an external USB drive, so conversion will take a lot of time!

Thanx for the help


I go for the second operation. burn the file in my hard drive then from hard drive burn it in to the disk.


I don’t actually burn the *.img to *.iso, I just change the extension. I am not sure if this works for all *.img files, but it works for the files that I have.


Alternatively you can use ImgBurn to burn *.img directly to DVDs.


I’ll try that. Looks good to me, and free :smiley:
Thanx :slight_smile:


Definitely the best option. :iagree: :iagree: