The better reader (Overall)

I have a Liteon LTD-163 as my current reader, and was wondering if the LTD-166S is a better reader. I want a reader that reads games, cd-audio, protected discs, and most if not all dvd formats (like I said…a reader that is good overall). If the newer LTD-166S is better, is it so much better that it’s worth the upgrade? I have had my LTD-163 for about 1.5 years now. All opinions are welcomed.


If you’re using the Lite-On for ripping CDs w/ EAC, then 163 is the better model since it doesn’t cache, thus making the rip process faster. But if you intend on reading DVD+R/DVD+RW discs, then 166S is your choice because it reads all formats, while 163 is restricted to DVD-R/DVD+RW.

Sorry Stoner, but the 163 with the later firmwares does indeed cache the audio. I have one.

I wish someone knowledgable could mod the firmware to turn off the cache. I already have region-free modded firmware, too bad the modder didn’t take the next step.