Im thinking of getting a 3rd dvd burner, and I want to get the best READER for fastest movie B.U.'s. Is the benq 1620 THE fastest reader for pressed dvd or is there another?

  • no, it is not the fastest, even w/ current firmware. It is a very secure, accurate, & quiet reader.


Fast is not always better. If a dvd has scratches I think it’s better to lower readspeed.
It’s better to have a good slow reader than a fast inaccurate reader. But I’m only trying to make a near perfect copy of my dvd movies. time isn’t that important to me.

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My 2 cents: I found a nice DVD at the local library I wanted. The public hadn’t treated it kindly (a kid’s movie for my son). It had sticky slim covering the scratches. After a bath, it was so scratched up none of my players could read it. I have an old Compaq (don’t know who made theirs) 2x reader from my Rip to DivX days, which was usually quite capable - but it couldn’t make sense of the disc either.

The BenQ didn’t give it a second thought - simply ran DVDShrink like it was fine.

It took about 15 - 20 minutes (I didn’t time accurately) for Shrink to do it’s thing - the DVD had 8Gbytes of data - fairly full.

BenQ isn’t magic, but it’s very good at reading. It’s no speed king for ripping - I think many posts here regard some of the Lite-On readers (not cutters) as best for that - you’d have to search.


If you want a fast DVD reader go with the AOpen 1648/AAP Chameleon DVD-ROM drive. Lots of post on these.