The best writer/media couple for audio CDs

hi there,

sorry if this question has already been requested 32781 times…I’d like to know who is the best writer/media couple for writing audio CDs at the moment…

cd writing quality is the only important thing for me.

I read that taiyo yunden media are an excellent choice…do you agree ??


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I personally would say you’re on the right track with Taiyo Yuden CDRs :iagree:

Burned at 16x (which is the speed I always burn audio at), my Samsung drives do a good job.

Also welcome to CDF’s:

I have 2 Plextor Premium CD-RW’s. One Premium I and one Premium II. They are my best CD-R writer.

If your wanting a CD/DVD writer then i would have to say like Arachne said my Sammy 203B’s SATA drives are the best at this time.

The Sammy 203B’s i think are a little better scratched CD-R disc reader than my Premiums. For reading DVD’s i also like my Sammy 203B’s the best for scratched discs.

Yes with all the quality scans i have seen here over the years here at CDF’s, Tayio Yuden CD-R’s are the best. 16x CD-R burning with the Sammy 203B’s is a good speed. With my Premiums burning TY CD-R’s good just about any speed.

Plextor Premiums are getting hard to find but Samsung 203B’s SATA drives are still pretty easy to find.

I hope i don’t have you confused…

thanks for these fast and accurate answers…:smiley:


can your sammy burn audio cd´s with lower than 16x speed ?

i have a 203p and this model doesnt support speed under 16x.

can you tell me a trick ?