The best way to copy software?

Can anyone tell me the best/ easiest way to backup original software?

I try making bin and cue files with CDRWIN but there is a problem with the index in the cue file…anyone had the same prob?

I try copying with cloneCD but sometimes it does not fully copy the cd and leaves sectors out…

what are your methods?

Depends on the original and its copyprotection schematics.

I find using a CD burner works best I tried copying one by hand once but it didnt turn out to good. :bigsmile:

The best software for now would be Alcohol 120%. you should use it. After that, it depends on the protection used, and the capabilities of your Writer.

if you use clone cd, then you should also use a copy protection detector like clony xxl. it will detect the protection on the cd and pass on the parameters to clone cd. after that, you should sit back and relax / pray…

also i would suggest trying out writing onto cdrw discs cause that saves you from getting coasters. :slight_smile:

Of course Clone CD is one of the best programms to backup original software.
For general CD (and DVD) burning i recommend Instant CD/DVD.
This software has tools integrated like “instant copy” and “instant backup”.
Maybe copying software worked with these tools if you had problems with Clone CD