The best way of protecting PC CD?

I have spent 8 months on editing one game for PC. And know i want to protect it - so it cant be copied. How can i do that? Wich is the best way/program for this (i dont mean some program wich has to be payed ;))?
I found some programs on net, but most of them are surving for protecting Audio, or PlayStations discs. And i want to protect the PC CD-R game.

No cd protection cannot be cracked.

There are some cd protections out there for free, but they can be copied by other people, they are only really useful for dum ass people (muzchap :bigsmile: ) who dont know to copy games/dont know its possible to.

Dont get annoyed moderator/muzchap im only jokin

thanks mate.
What about the TZ 2 version?

And that SecuRom or something it has to be payed? IS there any free version or evulation?

I think Securom would like to keep their sources closed and not sell it, as this would make it liable to hacked and source code stolen.

But i will have a look for you!:smiley:

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