The Best WAREZ Dealer



As I've said before there is no one better than Droog. I am in no way affiliated with him I just wish to share with everyone how excellent is service and prices are!
I can confirm this personally if you want to e-mail me.


it’s maybe a little bit strange that you have only 2 posts and both are about how good droog is… im not saying you are from droog im only saying it looks suspicious

*** sorry for my bad English ***

A Proffesional webpage for a cool price???
then this is the good adres: (soon online)


Sorry, you’re wrong Droog is a very reliable dealer and always delivers. The only problem with dealers in the UK is the lack of packs such as CB, Akira, Twilight etc.

If you can put up with single disc warez then Droog is the best dealer in the UK.