The best VCD or sVCD

I have ripped a DVD movie to a big mpg file and I have splitted on two file’s with VCDCutter.
Now I want to Burn the file’s on a empty CD-r with nero.

What is the best why to do it VCD or Svcd and why.`

All ready thanks fore the INFO.

The Distroyer…:confused:

Download the Nero SVCD plugin and work from there.

It really depends on whether you encofded it as mpg1 or mpeg2 dsoesn’t it, and whether you have encoded with the correct settings for vcd or svcd…

depend on whet you encodet to.
and never ever use Nero for encoding. its pure crap

What is the best program to encoding a mpg 1 movie to mpg 2 so I can burn it to Svcd.???


why would you want to reencode it?
you WILL lose quality.

why not burn is as VCD?

if the mpeg is mpeg1 just burn it as vcd

Encoding from MPEG1 to MPEG2 will never gain you any quality. Doing that is absolute insane :).

For encoding MPEG 1 or 2 format, the best encoder around is Cinema Craft Encoder. This one delivers good picture quality and good speed. The only problem is the price: the cheap version (CCE) costs about $250 (that may be affordable). The expensive version (CCE sp) however, costs $2000.

If you want to do cheap, but fairly good encoding, go for TMPGEnc. This program encodes with a little less quality, and way slower, but for the price, this really is value for money.

A free version can be downloaded from loads of locations. Visit for some of those locations ;)…

There is no point in converting from mpeg1 to mpeg2. It will 1 lose quality and 2 take up more space.

The other way around perhaps.


My brother occasionally gets SVCD that won’t playback in his DVD. Conversion to mpeg1/vcd usually works.