The Best to get

I want to pick up a new burner. I want Scsi… Should I stick with the good ole stand by of Plextor or get something else…

plextor should be fine :smiley:

If I understand right. New plextors have the Safe Disk 2.0 enabled. Is there anyway to disable it?

The only thing I read was to downgrade the firmware to 1.01. This is how you will be able to get around the safedisk 2. It kinda sucks cause you give up the benefits of the lastest firmware. Make sure you use the firmware that is 534kb, the others won’t help you with the safedisk2. Also the whole point was to figure out where to get a plextor or get a phillips burner. The phillips burners go for 129.00… Not bad for getting around the safedisk 2 issue. Only downside is the subchannels and it is an ide not a scsi. I found insektor which is boosts the weak signals on the disk you are burning. It works with cloneCD. I would like to know if this would help in the subchannel issue with the phillips burner. I guess if you wanted the best of both worlds would to own a plextor and the phillips burner. Hopefully plextor will have a new firmware update that will add the burn feature to get around safedisk 2…

How common are these SD 2.0 disks and what actually happens when you try to copy one with the Plextor.

Wenn u burn a sd2 protected cd with u r plex. Only the plex is able to read it so u can only use it in u r own burner.

on is a list of all the sd2 protected games.

Oh, thank you for your answer.

ps. It was a bit hard to read the the slang text. U know I am for Finland :wink:

Sorry for that. But you understand it right ?

Anyways if I were you i would buy a plex. Or the new philips burner with the Thermo balanced writing.
Specially since the philips is very cheap only 330 dutch guilders that is in u r currency 890,36 mark.

by the way for the safedisk 2 protected games you can simply use cracks/patches so they can be read in every cd drive.

Thank you. I will buy the Plextor tomorrow…

Do youhappen to know where I could find a region free microcode for my TOSHIBA SD-M1502 DVD player?

you could try “Dvd Genie”

Try to find it on

or search on for a program.

i found the website again for dvd genie :).

its totally free !!! And legal :smiley:


btw how is your plex doing ? You`re happy with it ?

Just my luck, the shop was out of the Plextors. I have to wait until 15th when they arrive.

What firmware are you using on your Plextor?

well guess its a good sign if they are out of plexs :).

but i`have a old plex :frowning: the 8432 with the latest availeble firmware 1.04. on it. And i will not upgrade to one of the newer plexs. Because every 11 year old kid has a burner. So you really cant make any real money with it anymore…

But in your case i would wait with upgrading the firmware. Because as you probably already knew. Some of the newer plex are able to burn sd 2 protected games with the old firmware.

I did not know that. could you please clarify what you mean?

just look a few messages up in this thread. dlock explained it :).

but if i rember correct this will only go for the 12x burners but i could be wrong.

Oh… :slight_smile: I read somewhere it is impossible to go backwards in bios revisions with the 12x plextor. I wonder if it is technically possible to prevent it?

I do not wan’t the 16x Plex because it has a fan and hate the noise of the fans. :wink:

Originally posted by DLok
The only thing I read was to downgrade the firmware to 1.01.

As far as I know the latest firmware for the scsi plex is 1.01 and I am not sure if you can burn safedisk2 with firmware 1.00
btw, whatever 330 guilders is about 360 Dm and not somthing of 800

I have a 16 X Plex and you cannot here the fan at all with the case on or off so don’t let that sway your decision. Happy burning!