The best thing about Kinect so far may be the hacks

The best thing about Kinect so far may be the hacks.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Since the Microsoft launched their Kinect motion-sensing game camera earlier this month, reviews have been flooding the media from all outlets. So far, reactions to the games and overall out-of-the-box functionality have been mixed. However, one particular demographic that seems to be having a great time with the device is the hackers. 

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[QUOTE=wconeybeer;2557484]believe that if Microsoft wants to be smart about this, they should jump on the bandwagon and actually encourage the open source development. The ability to do things with the Kinect other than playing “sloppy” games could spawn more sales of the device than would otherwise occur. And the hackers look like they’re having more fun.[/QUOTE]

too much for a big company to comprehend

but i do agree 100%


the winner of the open kinect driver, marcan or Hector Martin is a member of Team Twiizers. the developers of the twilight hack, the homebrew channel and many other hacks for the wii.