The best solution to burn a 736Mb disc

Hi, in 2003 the fashion was overburning. By now (2009) the world of users has collected a wastefull of experiences and choices (DVDs, 99-min-CDs, etc.). I have to burn a book as big as 736Mb that will not suit onto a normal 700Mb disc. The overburning rate is therefore about 5%. In view of any eventual damage of the recorder, I would like to ask about the best solution to burn a 736Mb disc. Should I preferably choose a DVD disc or an 800Mb CD? I have no DVD recorder, but a friend of mine has. So, it would merely be a friendly service. If I choose to take an 800Mb CD disc, then eventually my either Nero or Sony CD recorder-player might refuse to write to or play such a disc. This may occur if I give it over to use to other people around. What do the experienced think about that? - THX.

put it this way…

DVD burners are pretty close to dirt cheap (around 30 bucks, you can get some in the low low 20’s on OUT THE DOOR) nowadays and it’s FAR cheaper burning DVD’s then it is CD’s especially for general DATA backup etc etc.

cause your typical ‘good quality’ DVD recordable costs .30 cents where as your typical CD is roughly 20cents… do the math and you will find DVD’s are far cheaper to burn for DATA backup.

cause you can fit 6-7CD’s per 4.7GB DVD recordable… and 20cents x 6 = #1.20 vs .30cents or so.

bottom line = CD burning is pretty much obsolete on a PC nowadays unless you burn AUDIO CD’s.