The Best Software

Hi everyone! I just wanna know, what’s the best software that most of you guys are using nowadays?

best for what :doh:

Nero, it does everything!!!

Roxio and Nero

Wow. What a narrow question :wink:

I’d have to say Firefox-winamp-openoffice-msnmessenger-soulseek-photoshop. Yes that’s a program. Google it.

well we are using many softwares…i am not asking to install all of them …as i will suck ur ram and aslo u may not need some of softwares…
windows xp softwares:
list of softwares MUST have…for security

  1. winpatrol pro 9.7
  2. kaspersky antivirus or norton auntivirus2005
  3. zone alarm pro 6 or Agnitum Outpost.Firewall.Pro 2.7
  4. ad-aware (any version…freeware ver is aslo great)

some advance sofwares…
power tweak 2006 pro or winner tweak 3
nero 6.6
winamp 5
power dvd6
power vcd 4(old version but have very useful options)
xing player3(very old software but provides best quality for vcds)
babylon5 concise dictionary(need internet to use)
adobe reader for pdf files
winzip or winrar
acdee 7
star downloder (free ware or pro) or internet download manager 4

and for chatting…
msn messenger 7.5

that was short list of softwares which i am using wirte now… if any body like …add more s/w :slight_smile:

There are a lot of very good software. Hard to pick one or two. If we are talking about utility progs, I would mention by all means Ghisler’s Total Commander as number one.

winamp, opera, eclipse, vim


the latest Linux kernel

uptimed- too bad about recompiling

Hey guys! thanks a lot for your comments and recommendations… I’ve learned a lot from you guys :iagree:

hi everybody i need som serious help tell way when i burn a movie with nero 7 way it takes like 5 hours thats not normal i know it the movies size is just 700 mb so please help me guys! i’m so tired of this help!!!

For serious help you need to give us more information about your system, OS, burner; Your tired if this? We are tired with questions without full information. At 700 mb it is not a DVD but some type of file: Input = Output; Your Input is poor so will be your answers.

The best software for a specific purpose or the best
software for anything?

For CD/DVD burning, K3b gets my vote.

I can’t decide on the best software for all categories.
A few candidates:

The Linux kernel

GIMP image editor

GCC (Gnu compiler)

Apache web server

Any more?

DVD Shrink, a classic that I still love.

Hi & welcome [B]Naajtube[/B], - that’s perfectly normal if you’re burning an avi (like XviD or DivX) compressed movie file to a DVD-Video disc on a slower PC. If DMA isn’t enabled for your burner that would be another cause for the long wait. :slight_smile:

CD/DVD writing: Prassi ONES, Nero, Ashampoo

DVD duplication/editing: DVDFab Platinum, DVDShrink, AnyDVD, VobBlanker,

Audio playback: 1by1

Video playback: VLC

Browsing: Mozilla Firefox, Maxthon

Ad Blocking: AdMuncher

Antivirus: I don’t rely on one (smart/safe computing), but if I call on one its ClamWin

Utilities: CCleaner, ReNamer, TreeSize Pro

Compression: 7Zip

Firewall: none (router)

Design: Adobe Photoshop CS2

Downloading: Gigaget (internet), utorrent (bittorrent), Cabos (p2p)


where to find download PS 5 or 6 or 7?
my harddisk crashed and i don’t have photoshop anymore, but i need it. thnx

Goto a shop and buy it or purchase a download from Adobe.
Then please read the [B]forum rules[/B]. :cop: