The best(reliable) Lite-On READER is?



Hello, I’m in the market for a top quality and reliable DVD/CD Reader (already have a writer). Speed (ripping) is nice, but not a big issue. My #1 priority is readability reliability. Can it read all the formats well? Can it read worn/dirty/scratched disks?

In general, I hear great things about Lite-On drives.

In your experienced opinions, which of these is the best READER?

LTD-163 (16x dvd)
LTD-165 (16x dvd)
LTD-166s (16x dvd)
LTC48161H (48x24x48 cd-rw/16x dvd)
SOHC5232K (52x32x52 cd-rw/16xdvd)

And specifically, what is the difference between the 163, 165, 166s (besides firmware)? Does one stand out over the others?

Any help, advice, links to reviews would be appreciated and help me decide perhaps to buy a Lite-On.