The best ray ever

Once upon a time people thought about super mutants, science and writing technologies, but never it was decided which was the best ray ever.

What’s the best ray you have ever heard of?

For me it was the shrinking ray that appeared in Duke Nukem 3D. It was pretty cool to shrink an enemy and the splat him under your shoe. :bigsmile:

Sting ray…kids tv programme i used to watch as a kid it fasinated me, along with captain scarlet and thunderbirds…oh memories of childhood, cant get the theme tune out of my head now !

Wow, another Gerry Anderson fan :slight_smile:

You forgot Rayban :slight_smile:

I prefer Rayman though. That was some good old fun :slight_smile:

:bow: sting ray sting ray dut de de der dut stng ray :bow: or somthing like that. wasen`t merina the mermaid just a babe :smiley: .

now you`ve done it norty, remember fireball xl 5 :iagree:

no wounder kids heads are messed up whatching things like cow and chicken and ren and stimpy

Shrinking ray, bring backs memories.

You mean Marina …jsut like Marinaaaaaaaaaa oh and them nasty mysterons :eek:

and yep i remember fireball lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Is “Gamma Ray” a reference to the atrocious band of the same name, formed by Kai Hansen?

Miccywave :slight_smile:

Yummy yummy yummy, I gotta heat something up :slight_smile:

Everybody Loves Raymond!

Bad experiences? :wink: Sorry… being dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

That, or the kind of ray that made Bruce Banner become The Hulk :bigsmile:

Or the one with that old show with that Jerry guy… My Secret Identity?

Without Gamma ray, the structure of the athoms, molecules and cells would never be known. It allows the in-depth study of small particles and also played an important role in medicin, specially with on the treatment of bad cells, such as cancer and other deseases.

Thanks Gamma-ray :slight_smile:

Ray or Rei in Evangelion. :slight_smile: (Koba probably knows who she is.)

Neon Genesis?

this lady?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Ayanami Rei…lol
hmm… and i was under the impression Kenshin would go for Blu-Ray…

Who you gonna call?

Glad to see a human being in the poll lead