The best quality



Hi everyone, i read alot about dvd shrink and nero and i like to get some more help on what is the best way to burn a movie. I usualy use dvd decrypter to put it on my harddrive in file mode then use vobblanker to blank out extras, … then menu shrink if i need it, then dvdshrink or nero to burn. just would like some more input thanks.


That’s a good way to start with. :iagree:

I’m using the re-author function in Shrink when lazy. Running a loop with analysis can sometime improve the quality of copyed movie even more.
Working with images (ISO) also gives you the choice to burn with ImgBurn/Decrypter and you can backup a whole movie with excellent quality only using free-tools! :slight_smile:

The bad thing is, DVD Decrypter is not updated anymore and I’ve been forced to use AnyDVD lately.