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What is the best way to backup dvd’s? i want the best quality i can get with keeping the menus and being able to remove some special features. i dont want to use CCE. what programs would u reccomend? i dont care about the price. i just want the best quality without using CCE. :bow: :bow: :bow: please post all of your ideas.


might i ask: why without CCE?


Well if you don’t want to use CCE, then don’t use it. BTW what is CCE?


Holy crap, how many times does this question get asked?? Doesn’t anyone know how to use search!! If you want the best, then CCE is it.


Try DVD-Rebuilder which can use free to download mpeg-2 encoders other than CCE; although it works best with CCE :wink: Maybe you thought that methods using CCE require a more in-depth knowlege of DVD structure and other utilities but with DVD-Rebuilder it’s a really simple process on the part of the user and does a fantastic job. The only limitation at the moment is that you can’t back-up titles with seamless branching* and multi-angles, however that is in the pipeline from what I hear.

There are test results using different packages for shrinking DVDs online somewhere - I can’t remember the site sorry - but the versions of software used on the tests are long out-of-date so aren’t that useful.

Also remember that removing objects from a DVD doesn’t always result in a playable copy because the navigation instructions on the DVD may depend on these objects being present or may indeed have navigation instructions themselves. Undiscovered bugs in software or utilities can complicate matters. Sometimes it works, but with titles and navigation programming becoming more complex you’re bound to run into problems before long.



*Seamless branching is a technique used, for example, to store different versions of a movie that seamlessly play-back an alternative version of a scene without having to store the whole movie several times.


ILVU/Multiangle has been supported for about a month now.

If you really don’t want to use CCE, QuEnc is getting close in quality, is free, and works with DVD-Rebuilder.


The best quality, if you don’t care about price, is to back up to dual layer blank DVDs. No compression, no authoring, no muss, no fuss.


I’d read on the text file that came with Rebuilder that it didn’t support multi-angles and ILVU (Interleaved Video Units), but not updated myself with the latest developments. :o (carrying out punishment exercises immediately)

I see from the authors description of ILVU support that he chose not to re-encode ILVU sections because of quality degredation issues. Also that he hasn’t found any such sections large enough to significantly degrade global bitrate in projects. That was version 0.65. In version 0.68 (currently VIP release only) he describes preparations for handling of larger ILVU and multiple angle sections. Quite a taster for things to come! :bigsmile:



Side-note: Noticed that a Google search on ILVU asked if I meant “ILOVEYOU”. :rolleyes:


DVDSHRINK to rip and choose compression ratio (thus quality), you can choose features to keep or trash.
Then burn using whatever burning software came with your burner.
It’s just that simple.



DVD Shrink is a great application for quick easy operation and results. But for best quality, you need to look elsewhere. Also it seems hddvd would already know about DVD Shrink with awareness of CCE.