The best printer

I want to buy a new printer, a Epson C80 or a HP 940C.
But what is the best The Epson C80 or the Hp 940C and way.??

The Distroyer. :eek:

“way?” - why? :slight_smile:

Epson ink seems 2 b cheaper.

What is it you want to print most?

Here too, there is no simple answer, it depends on your personal situation and the intended use for your printer, so please provide more details…

go for the HP at my last job they sold both HP and EPSOn nearly every epson they sold come back faulty and we also got epson printers to fix that we didnt sell.

the only probs i know of with HP printers is that the bar the print head slides on needs to be greased again after a while but thats it

HP all the way.

I’ve been hangin out in a usenet printer forum for a while, the vast majority of the problems relate to Epson printers. HP are EXCESSIVELY expensive to operate due to the carts prices.
Canon has been consistantly the most problem-free and the inke carts are very inexpensive and also easy to refill.
I have HP printers, they are very reliable, but I have to refill the carts myself or I couldn’t afford them.
The one thing that’s for certain is that the price of the printer means nothing unless you only print a few pages per week. If you’re printing a lot, the cost of the carts is the thing to look at.

HP for sure.

HP is good

it is worthwhile spending the extra money on a HP printer i got the 970cxi and it prints better than what i’ll ever need.