The Best Possible Ripping/Burning Guide

I was wondering since there are so much programs to rip and burn DVDs
What I haven’t seen is an official guide on the best/ most used programs.
I prefrebly want to know because ofcourse I want the best results from this
Anyone Agree ?:rolleyes:

Official? In what way official? :slight_smile:

And there really isn’t a “best” way to do this. The two decryption/ripping programs that are most liked around here are DVDFab and AnyDVD, mostly because they are still being updated. But some still use RipIt4Me for most of their rips, and some just choose to use the free section of DVDFab.

That’s the easy part—figuring out how to get it from the disk to the hard drive.

From that point on you’ll not find much agreement. There is a general understanding that encoders produce superior results on highly compressed movies, but where’s the cut off point? How much compression is too much from a transcoder? When do you give up on compression altogether and just go to a dual layer dvd? You’re not going to get hard and fast rules on these questions, just opinion.

So, no, I don’t agree that you can even make such a guide, much less that one is necessary. Your best bet is just to experiment, read a lot and find out what works for you. If you run into a brick wall, make a post. We’ve probably got a few forehead marks in that wall already.

The best is up to you to decide. Over the years I have created my own way of doing things. For me, it is the best. But for others it may not.

Read guides and experiment.

AnyDVD and then ImgBurn in ‘read’ mode for me.

DVDFab Official Guide

my guides

I think it’s great that ripit4me can still do most non-Sony Arcos disks even though it hasn’t been updated in couple years…

I sometimes [out of boredom] do the 3 step- ripit4me/dvd shrink/Imageburn route to back up…