The best place to live

America : terrorism and violence
South Amerika : poor and civil wars
Europe : unemployment and high taxes
Afrika : hot and no food
Asia : poor and no food
Australia : oi!
Antartica : empty and cold
The moon : poort, empty, cold and warm

So where is actually the best place to live?

So far Australia looks pretty good to me.

China actually wants to export more food because there are too many farmers with extra rice.

Most South Koreans still think US is the #1 choice for emmigration and study.

No way, some of the Borg are still alive and hiding. :eek:

Don’t like Borg, don’t like Borg.

Australia is a big country. So if you build a house in the middle of it, you can spot the Borgs a week in advance :slight_smile:

Too big to cross from end to end on foot.

south europe :slight_smile:

Kansas City!!!

How expensive is E3 in the south European countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, and so on?

Las Vegas for me at the moment. I’d like to see the 102-inch TV and BD recorders.

I think I’d settle for Canada. Seems to be a nice place to live in most aspects…

Not long come back from las vegas, I would have liked to see the 102-TV


I watched the 102-inch TV on my 29-inch TV and 14-inch LCD monitor. :sad:

to me it looks like there is no real good place to be right now

what about New - Sealand ??

I’ve considered: US, Canada, Australia, NZ, Fiji, Malta, Brazil, China, Japan, UK, Germany, Spain… and many other countries. Literally thousands of cities and provinces.

To be on the safe side, I think bigger is better. Fiji and Malta are popular as well but the islands are too small and have too few people and too few established businesses.

If I didnt live in the UK I would choose Germany or the Netherlands, then New Zeland, I probably would like Japan or S Korea if I was brought up there, but the culture is very different.

What would have been better if people where not alowed to vote for the area they allready live in, as people automaaticly will choose where they are familier with.

Ben :slight_smile:

The Moon. At least you would get decent satelite reception.

i never heard about an E3 in south europe. …

Hm. What about OC-768?

Budapest… the sex capital of the world. :wink:

What’s special about Budapest?