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Is the LED the best out there?


Basically there are two types of HDTV’s.

1] Plasma’s

2] LCD’s

  • Note there are two types of LCD’s

Old LCD technology comes with CCFL back lighting, These will slowly start to be phased out.

New LCD technology comes with LED lighting and is utilized by back,side or top and bottom.

When they coin the term LED, It is in terms of the lighting method.

*Note OLED’s work on different principles and they are not viable right now, so don’t confuse it with LED.

There are pros and cons to both to determine what is best and ultimately it’s what looks good to you.



That’s what I did. Went to a dealer that had many sets on display and compared. Ended up getting a 47" LED backlit Vizio. Only you know what looks good to you and what you can afford.


[QUOTE=platinumsword;2517355]Basically there are two types of HDTV’s.

1] Plasma’s

2] LCD’s


Lets not forget projectors, which come is several types.

There are good and bad examples of every type display, none has a clear advantage. The “best” display is one that has been carefully installed and calibrated to correct settings. A cheaper display that’s been properly calibrated may well look better than an expensive one that has not.

Also important to add that it’s the electronics behind the screen that makes or breaks a display, not the type of screen.


I still like my KURO best of all the TV’s at the store.


Actually, Mitsubishi is still making DLP TVs and as someone who has had both a 1st gen Mits DLP and now a current WD-65737 DLP which is 120 Hz refresh, I can tell you that the picture has improved dramatically.