The best Paid DVD to .AVI or .MOV App

Hi Guys,

I have a huge DVD collection that I want to backup and stream videos through PS3 and XBOX360.

The DVD files are copied on my Fileserver PC at home, now they are taking a huge amount of space, and they cannot be currently played on Xbox 360 media center.

I am looking for a solution which will allow the following:

  1. One click solution to setup XVID, Dvix, H264 & iPhone/iPod Touch, for eg: Selection on how good the rip be choose from Low, Medium, High.

  2. Can setup batch ripping of the DVD files, so i can keep my PC on through out the day, with out setting up every time. Also naming of the output files (TV shows) before hand.

  3. Stable, can be in any OS, doesn’t matter (except Mac OS X)

  4. If i don’t like the software I can refund my funds.

There are so many out there, and I don’t know what to choose from.

Please help!

I’m really just getting into ripping, so my answers are just things that have worked for me.

  1. There are a ton of paid rippers that would be nearly one-click solutions. CloneDVDmobile, Xilisoft (& ImToo) DVD Ripper.

  2. I have not had any experience with batch jobs. But, I believe that AutoGK can do batching.

  3. Unfortunately stability is subjective and computer dependant. I’ll say that most people do not have problems with most software. It is important to run the trials of each software to get an idea if it works before buying.

  4. I doubt you will be able to return the software if you ‘don’t like it’. If you have problems, some of the bigger named software may give refunds.

If you are spending the money, instead of looking for freebies- I definitely recommend purchasing AnyDVD from This strips the copy protections while you work with the DVD, or it has a built in rip to HardDrive tool (for your batch work).

A free tool that gives the best quality ripping with the least amount of interaction that I have seen is AutoGK. Here is a simple guide on how to use it:
(in this article: DVDShrink is a free tool, AnyDVD does basically the same things.)

DVDShrink has a lot of problems without using ANYDvd HD in the background. The last time it was updated was 2005, so new DVD’s are hit or miss when trying to rip them (mostly miss, forget even attempting Disney DVD’s). I have been using ANYDvd HD in the background with DVDShrink to rip main movie to a large vob file, and using AutoGK to produce an AVI file with XViD codec. The whole process takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending mostly on the audio stream. DVDShrink and AutoGK are free, ANYDvd HD is a paid program, but so far worth EVERY penny. It will even break the encryption of Blu-Rays if you start to back those up as well.

I believe the current issue of maximum pc would answer your ?'s including the batch ripping. Most of what they suggest (other then Sly Soft Any DVD) is freeware.

If you’d rather not purchase the magazine, it will likely be online in their archive in about 2 months:

There suggestions were a bit much for a brief post.

Super © (Freeware) can do batch jobs too.