The Best Of The Best

What are they ?

Seams sometimes you find a good disk, then buy bulk and they start to give problems. If every DVD -R was free, which would you get ?

Plextor 716A, what are the best disks, and where can I buy them in the UK?

Having messed around with Maxell, TDK, Philips over the years, I’m still looking for the best disk, when I think I have found one, I buy a lot, only to start having problems with them.

1, Must write at 8X
2, DVD -R
3, 4.7G Single Layer

£10 per disk ? no problem, what are the best ? :slight_smile:

I don’t think you could go wrong with genuine TYG02 if they were free, although I get better PI/PIF curves writing these on my NEC at 4x than at 8x, so I always do.

Personally I would stick to Taiyo Yuden dyes, if you are talking about the best.

Something that is almost equally as good with slightly higher PIF totals are MAXELL002 dyes, which are also made in Japan and have the same purplish colour as Taiyo…

But speaking of Maxell, that is a brand and if you buy them in spindles chances are they are made in taiwan and are RITEKR03/G04/05 based… In packs of 10 in jewel cases they are likely RICOHJPN or MAXELL002…

I buy now either Taiyo Yuden DVD+R (full face printable) or Maxell DVD+R printable (non hub), since Taiyo does not make non printable to hub +Rs unfortunately.
Both are excellent discs and burn well on writers and DVD player friendly.

I’d use what I use now… TYG02, MXL RG03, and Sony 08D1 (and the Ritek G05s I still have around).


How can you guarantee to get the same dye each time ?
When I fist bought Datawrite Titanium (pack 10) they were the best !, since then I have had problems, now Im checking and they are coming in with all sorts of MID Id’s

The last drum of 50 were CMC MAG. AE1 and I have problems, the drum before had “TTG02” which are exactly the same as some TDK I bought (R47EC) which are very good.

How can you always get the same high quality ?

I just orderd 5 mixed, a test batch they have Taiyo Yuden, which Im hearing a lot of. The Maxell I tested were rubbish, sold in a supermarket in a green DVD case

Verbatim 16X DataLifePlus White InkJet Printable, Hub Printable (Verbatim Product Number: 95079)

My favourite ones at the moment:

Plextor-branded Taiyo Yuden TYG02
Verbatim-branded MCC 03RG20
TDK-branded TTH01 (“scratch-proof”)

Not based on scanning results alone, but also compatibility and expected longevity :slight_smile:

“£10 per disk ? no problem, what are the best ?”
Apart form the “scratch-proof” TDKs, all discs are cheap these days!! :bigsmile: - I would glady pay (not £10.-…) but £5.- for guaranteed AAA++++ grade discs, packed without any trace of dust, that would last 100 years and are impossible to scratch, but I think they don’t exist… LOL

If I wanted to buy Taiyo Yuden TYG02 “Everytime” how would it be done, seams to me they change dye regular, depending on who is making it cheap

:confused: - Buy them unbranded or Plextor-branded… you just have to find a good shop ( in the US, SVP in Europe). No big deal.

As far as I know, the Plextor 8X -Rs and the Verbatim pastels are always TYG02. I haven’t heard of any change in outsourcing with these yet. But unbranded from Rima or SVP are just as good (and cheaper), it’s just that you have to buy them in large quantities (min. 100)… :slight_smile:

No big deal.

Well it is, as they are not coming from the same manufacturer each time.

New disk comes out
You try it
Its good
You buy bulk
They switch
Disks dont work so good

I just bought the fast speed test pack from SVP


I think companies selling online shopuld let people know where there stock of different brand disks are made.

If I buy Verbatims online, they can turn up made in China, or made I do not know where. SO everytime you make a purchase you have to either take pot luck on origin of manufactor or mail them before every purchase. Here in the UK there seems to be two main online suppliers :- SVP or CDR Media even from these it varies from purchase to purchase. I knew of one online supplier who stocked brand names made in Japan but they have shut down :frowning:


Get the Verbatim 8x-R (TYG02) from SVP. Very good disc, perhaps the best these days. Check the bargain forum here for “cheap ty in uk” - There’s a code that make it most attractive to get these :slight_smile:

(The silver Verbs, i mean. Pastels are equal good but more expensive)

Have you actually read my post?? Doesn’t sound like you did.

It’s VERY easy to “buy TYG02 all the time”. Until, of course , they’re not manufactured anymore… until then, I don’t understand your problem.

As mentioned above, if you can afford it Taiyo Yuden win hands down. Not saying that there isn’t a single person who doesn’t have trouble with them but as a whole they have the fewest complaints of any manufacturer out there. The Problem with brand name media is that they keep rotating manufacturers and the quality varries from manufacturer to manufacturer. For now Verbatim Pastels that are made by Taiyo Yuden would be your best bet for the money in the UK. If you don’t mind paying extra you can get the unbranded authentic Taiyo Yuden as well.

I have been using crap media for years without knowing it because my local shops do not carry the best media - yet I was still content with the average to good error rates… until I discovered an online retailer close to me and they happen to sell the genuine TYs… and that’s when I discovered how I was getting bloody ripped off from local shops selling CRAP at almost the same price… Now that I use TY +R I swear by them (not at them) and I will NEVER EVER use RITEKS or any other landfill material.

Here is proof - I purposely would like to laminate and frame this on my wall and title it “Eye Candy”


Nice scan. My TYG02 burns in the Pio 108 and Lite-On 1693s look like that. Easily the best manufacturer to use to rule out media problems.

I can’t believe that I was praising riteks in the past - I guess when you get your hands on good media and see the difference you look back and say how the (beep) you managed :smiley:

BTW, I am PROUD of my TYs and no I don’t work for TY, nor Ritek for that matter :slight_smile:

I guess most popular here are Taiyo Yuden (TYG02) Not sure if I should stay at 8X for years I stayed at 4X for a long time. Recently I wrote 16X on some of those test disks, the Verbatim Silver top (16x) were MCC 03RG20

The 16X Taiyo Yuden were TYG03, Philips (16x) MCC 03RG20, CMC Unbranded (16x) TTH02, Datawrite ‘Yellow’ (8x) TTG02, Datawrite titanium and TDK R47EU were both CMC MAG AE1

Taiyo Yuden, did write the fastest, a quick Q-Check TA Test later showed them good, while the Philips were very good.

SO… Taiyo Yuden it is then…

Taiyo Yuden 16X, are these all TYG03, while the 8X are all TYG02 ?

I wonder if they are around printable ? I use the Epson R300, but its not important, might as well be blank unbranded as having something useless printed on them.

Are a few places I have bought from in the past (UK) seams are the only ones with unbranded Taiyo Yuden ?

Quality control ? Best to by them in small quantities ?

Taiyo Yuden are there printable, where are the Verbatim “Pastels” ?

Edit Verbatim Pastels, Taiyo Yuden Dye, 8x DVD-R £1.99 X 5
These FANTASTIC 8x DVD-R are offered in boxes of 5 … each disc comes in a slim jewel case

Sounds too cheap ?

Genuine Taiyo Yuden are the most reliable, giving consistantly high quality product. I’ve found to my personal cost many other brands switch manufacturers for whatever reason like when RiDisc switched from Mitsubishi Chemical Company to CMC Magnetics for example. Also you have to take into account you could buy a bad batch. That seems to happen more often when you buy cheaper media. Buying mid-market DVD media is always a gamble, as is finding a good supplier that will help you if you get duff discs. There’s no magic formula.

Having said that, you’ll probably not agree. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that posts from you requesting advice from forum members result in a stubborn refusal to accept help from an exceptional knowledge base. These people have many years of experience gleaned from using a broad range of different applications, hardware and media. That you only serve to discredit those responding to you is either an attestation of your superior knowledge in this arena (which logically makes seeking counsel here redundant) or your interpretation skills have special needs. Seems to me your own counsel is your best bet. Good luck!



All TYG02 from svp are good. I prefer the Verbatims for the unbranded TY. The TY printables are brilliant in write quality. Also Panasonic & Datasafe printable with TYG02 are brilliant from just a few test discs (i can’t tell from print quality since i only have tried a few - but i thought they looked well). I’d buy TYG02 in stead of TYG03 since it’s much cheaper and has better history - The pastels have a good price since you get the slim case also (if you need that) but i’ll shop big anytime for the 8x-r TYG02 Verbs as mentioned above 6,3£/25 is pretty cheap and blows any DatawriteRitekRidisc midprice competition away :slight_smile: