The best of the best - where can I find a good test?



Hi everybody !!
I’m a newbie, but I knew that in order to have the best quality in DVDs burning you need the right combination of burner/speed/DVD support … …is it exact ? Please correct me… :frowning:

(…also, I didn’t understand if a burning software, like Nero or CDBurnerXP PRO 3, is important to reach the top quality DVDs burning…)

If so, why does not exist any quality test or comparatives about any of this combination ? I mean just a quality bench with these simple infos:

Burner (x), at the speed (y), by using a “brand name/type” DVD-R (z) = score
Burner (x), at the speed (y), by using a “brand name/type” DVD+R (z) = score
Burner (x), at the speed (y), by using a “brand name/type” DVD-RW (z) = score
Burner (x), at the speed (y), by using a “brand name/type” DVD+RW (z) = score

A friend told me that at the moment the “state of the art” in quality performance is made by this combination:
LiteON (which model??) + 12x speed + Verbatim DVD support (any Verbatim technology?)…

As you see, I’m very confused… but I hope to weekly be part in this amazing guru’s forum when I’ll finally buy a good (I hope the best…) DVD burner…

Thanks for any help !!
Have a good week-end !!!
Bye !! :wink:

(P.S.: It’s better I don’t explain my problems with my old Pioneer dvr-106D…)


Hi [B]Booboo©[/B], welcome to CD Freaks!

IMO, the difference between burners is rather small if you use good media such as Verbatim 16x or Taiyo Yuden 8x.
It’s difficult to rate the burn quality… it’s not only PIE/PIF rates but quite a lot of other things such as jitter and reflectivity need to be considered as well.


Ditto the above. The only burner I would avoid at this time would be the NEC/Optiarcs.


Thanks guys !! :slight_smile: :bow:
So, it’s unuseful to wait and looking for any test…

Yesterday I’ve found a LiteOn for laptop, is there some expert here about notebook burners ?

The model is Lite-On SSM-8515S and it burns dvd-ram …
the price is 57€… [B][U]do you think it is a good cd/DVDs burner ?[/U][/B]

On my old laptop I only have a cd-rom reader… :frowning: and if this slim burner works great I could wait before buy a normal desktop burner from Lite-On…

I hope u can advise me !!
Thanks very much and thanks to kg_evilboy for his welcome message… :slight_smile:

Bye !!


Thank you again,
I’ve bought the Lite-On SSM-8515S and I can burn much better than my Pioneer for desktop… Very Impressive !! My laptop says THANKS to LITE-ON IT !!! :slight_smile:

I’ve contacted many DVD burners maker and I got the best news only from ODD_SUPPORT@LITEONIT.COM … Also, they’ve insert a new firmware for my slimtype burner just after my request… that’s amazing !! … but probably it’s been a coincidence… :slight_smile:

Bye everybody !!