The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you’re interested in noise-canceling headphones you’re probably looking for refuge from the roar of jet engines or the murmurs from the water cooler. Good ones should make you deaf to the world around you. Like earplugs only better—because you’re listening to your favorite music in a completely oblivious trance.



Those are all expensive beasts. The Bose have been noted as good with this particular technology for a while, which is a bit surprising. Bose is usually the epitome of overpriced/mediocre performance combined.

I think I’d prefer regular headphones that happen to have good isolation over this type of headphone, but extremely noisy environments might overwhelm them.

Ya I agree with Kerry that they are expensive beasts. I am not big on ear bud style headphones, find they hurt the ears to much because they don’t fit comfortably. I prefer to have a noise-canceling style of headphone so I bought a pair of Kicker headphones for $140.00. To some this might still be a little excessive in price, but I was impressed after listening and to boot these headphones took down a $400.00 pair of Monsters in a head to head test.