The best mpeg / wmv software compression?

I would like to know which program will give me the best results on quality an and compression size when ripping from a DVD to a CD size or iPod size video. More, I would like to know the settings to achieve the best results using the recommened software, thanks

I don’t work with that, but if you go to, and use the search tool, you WILL find what you are looking for.

For Ipod, I believe you will need .MP4 format, which is a flavor of MPEG-4. DIVX and MPEG-4 are generally the best for compression. What codec you use really depends on the destination of the files. Anything will be fine for use on the PC.

:iagree: is the best place for this.

If you already have Nero on your machine, you can use Nero Recode to convert to MP4 - end file size will be approx 700Mb.