The best most reliable disc to use with a09?

Beofre i got my A09 all i did was listen to talk of which was the best media to use for my a06 and …ritek g04’s at the time and then i moved onto g05’s with the same success when i added the a07…i have now discovered that the ritek branded full face printable discs were giving me discs from the a09 that would not play in my yamada standalone and as i updated the firmware for my a06, a07, a09 at the same time the a07 and a06 done the same thing with the ritek g05’s from the same packet that were burning fine pre a09…which leads me to believe they have modified/enhanced the firmwares for these drives ?. I need to choose a media that has been well tested with this drive that people here can vocuh for but i dont understand the caution needed with all this dye code business…as long as i know a brand burns well with the a09 and it is preferably full face printable then im happy to go along with any suggestions.


You guys seem to be taking these discs apart with your little programs so ill ask you experts what and WHERE can i get the BEST discs to use for my a09…starting with a genuine best and then a middle of the road.


It would be helpful to know what country you are in.

There is a review of disks here

im i the uk and use either uk dvdr or svp communications, thanks for link to the disc revieew but its as i said a little tecchy for me !!!..just really wanted someone to say…“i used ritek go4 bby ritek and they all worked on my standalone” etc etc.