The best memory for extreme overclocking

HI there gang ,

I was thinking about overclocking my system once.
I already know that the current memory banks i have in the system are crappy , even at their default speed.
So i’m wondering what the best memory is.

I just found the Corsair Twin TX 4200.

Anyone have another suggestion ?

A lot seems to depend on your MB itself. Some seem to like certain types of DDR more than others. Corsair XMS is working well here. The best rule seems to be to get faster DDR than you need. So if your MB runs 200MHz, get PC 3500 or PC4000. Timings and voltage are critical too. With a stable board that controls timing and voltage very well, you can OC good RAM pretty far. Given good RAM, your CPU will be the limiting factor. Also be aware that sometimes, higher FSB does not return improved performance, some boards will bottleneck and raising the FSB can even lower your RAM or CPU benchmarks.
But to answer your question, get the best you can afford, XMS is about as good as it gets.

Well , the mainboard is a MSI K7N2. Has 3 memory banks , Nforce2 chipset (without Nforce sound , AC’97 instead :frowning: . I should’ve bought the other K7N2 version :frowning: ) and an Athlon 2600+ cpu (the 266MHz one).

Thing is that i don’t know if it’s the current memory banks that are causing the BSOD’s when playing games or if it’s the Aopen Aeolus 128MB GeForce4 Ti4200. Current memory banks are full with 3 x 512Mb. One Kingston , two nameless. All 3200.

I bought the first 2x512mb along with the mainboard. The fools shipped bad memory and i had to make them replace it. Took me about a week ,so i bought a 512mb kingston to overcome that week.

Going to run Memtest in full diagsnostics this evening. Perhaps it’ll find something new.

The 266 Athlon is not known for stable overclocking, so unless you plan to replace that you don’t need the really expensive RAM. I have a 333 XP2600 running here at 11x205 with XMS 3200, and it’s very stable.

You can test your RAM for stability by setting your FSB down, then set the RAM to run at 120% (or whatever options your BIOS gives). Increase your DDR volts as needed and set timings to make it stable. Prime95 torture test is good for testing system stability, but Memtest86 is pretty fool proof for RAM stability. If it runs over night with no errors, you have stable RAM.

I guess you are aware that the AMD Forums are a great place for MB-specific OC discussions.

Hmm , if that’s true , i better not overclock the current configuration but rather wait and upgrade the cpu/memory system when there’s enough money. The MSI board can take up to an AMD 3200+ if i’m not mistaken.

Thanks for your time. :bow:

The Barton XP2500 is still the best value for overclocking. It’ll run as fast as the 3200 with no trouble. You can buy one for less than the DDR will cost.

actually, if your going to oc an athlon xp, I’ve heard its better to use the Althon Xp 2500 mobile processor, which is basically a Regular barton XP 2500+ that requires less voltage.
This is the one i am talking about:

Here are some sites/forums that have quite a bit of info on OCing:

Note: I don’t OC, but I do like to read about it. As always, do at your own risk!
Good Luck!

@ Mr.B

when is your cpu produced? all athlon cpu´s after 0338 (or 0340 ißm not sure)) are multi locked (excl. mobiles), if your cpu is unlocked you can change the multi via your mobo if it support this. if your mobo is not supporting the multi setting you can try it via pin mod.this is a method from german overclockers ( this site is also in english.

There ya go :

Nice, now try 200FSB! :wink:

Haven’t overclocked anything , if i do i can forget running 3d games longer than 5 minutes… gonna turn on memtest

:confused: You’re showing 166 FSB, which is the later version of the XP2600.
It should already be unlocked and over-clockable. You said 266MHZ above, but it’s running at 333.

yep, it´s looking like one with an barton core they are 166FSB, i think you have a good chance to go up to 3200+ level, when have you bought the cpu???, what cpu cooling sys have you???

Looking at the cache I’d say it’s a Tbred CPU.

@Skith: the mobile Athlons should indeed be very very good overclockers. Haven’t got one myself though…

Looking at the cache I’d say it’s a Tbred CPU.

you´re right, i´ve to :rolleyes: better

Whoops , my mistake :). Err … well … i have been testing the Dimms and so far found one bad 512mb. Currently testing the other 2.

Back to the cpu , it’s indeed a tbred and according to your info i should be able to overclock it quite easily. I’ll test it when memtest is ready.

It’s the same as mine, which is running at 205 x 11 and rock stable. Others report much higher FSB and clock, but usually with some serious cooling and a better MB than my Gigabyte NF2.

205 x 11 instead of 166 x 12.5 ? Wouldn’t it be better to keep the multiplier the same and test if it works with 167 , 168 , and so forth ?

Should i leave the voltage to auto detect in the setup ?

At 205x11, I get a modest boost in clock (2255 vs 2080) plus a big boost in bandwidth on the RAM. I had to boost vcore several notches and adjust the memory timings a bit, also an extra notch or 2 on the RAM voltage. You also need to be sure that your PCI and AGP are locked at stock MHz.

Athlon XP-2600(333) @ 205x11, VCore 1.750 (7.5%)
Corsair XMS PC3200-C2, 512x2, Vdimm 2.7, 7-3-3-2