The Best Media DVD+R DL?

What is the best Media DVD+R Dual Layer and play X360?


what burner do you have?

right now the #1 answer will be verbatim (MKM), but there are suppoesdly manufacturers that have issued firmware that gives acceptable burns on ricoh media.

with my BenQs i will ONLY use verbatim DL media so if you’re looking to burn ricoh i’d do a search and find out if your burner is likely to yield good results.

normally people don’t even bother respnding to threads with “what is the best ____” so don’t be surprised if you don’t get a ton of responses. this entire website is devoted to determining what is the best burner, media, drives, hardware, processor, etc, etc, etc

most people will tell you verbatim, but it’s recommended to do a search and ask more specific questions if you have them.

“what is the best media?” is not likely to yield many results but “what is the best way to burn MKM 001 DL discs on my BenQ1655 so that I don’t get a skip at the layer break?” is a question that people will want to help you out with. Remember that personal preference ALWAYS plays a role and people have varying experiences so asking what is the “best” will not be the same for everyone most of the time.

the more specific you cna be the better!

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I would second the choice of Verbatim +R DL.

I’d avoid anything with Datawrite written on it, even for SL media (which is OT, but I had to mention it).

I’d go Verbatim +R DL as well :slight_smile:

Verbatim is the way to go at the moment, nothing matches it.

I’ve got a Sony DL drive (far from the best), however Verbatim has never let me down. Layer break is hardly noticable.
I vote Verbatim +R DL.
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