The Best Looking Media



I notice that anytime HP-brand media is brought up, someone will make a joke about how horrible looking it is, with the supposed garish colors, etc.

Frankly, I like the look of HP media, and don’t find the blue color of the CDs or the red color of the DVDs distracting at all, and in fact, they look quite nice compared to a lot of the other crappy looking DVDs out there. I also like the fact that HP gives you three proportional lines for writing, which allows me to write very clear labels.

On the other hand, look at the vaunted Verbatim, especially the 16x media. Who was the genius that decided to use up so much of the freaking lower surface of the disc for that stupid DVD logo? Why are the two lines for writing not proportionally spaced, with the first line too close to the hub? It’s difficult to write a nice looking label on Verbatim 16x media. Their design sucks. Move the logo and other crap to the top or sides, and leave the lower-half blank, or if you use lines, make them proportional.

I love Sony media the best, because they give you a nice open and white surface to write on, which looks wonderful with black sharpies.

Heck, even LG media, although it’s crap, has a better design than Verbatim. The LG 16x media has plenty of open white surface for you to write on.


I don’t care what my media looks like as long as it burns good. I have printable and LightScribe media for good looks :rolleyes:

I have both printables/LightScribe for CD’s and DVD’s.


I think Sony & Verbatim (European) media looks good - nice and simple, just the way I like it :iagree:


Me too. Saying that, I hate media that makes writing on it hard to read, dark colours etc.

Our Europen Verbies and their packaging are very nice looking though :wink:

Edit: so are the Sony AccuCORE 10 packs :smiley:


Thinking about it, I also like Infiniti’s designs - I find them pleasing and undestracting. HP’s do look ridicilously gruesome though :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got some Infiniti CDRs with a particularly hideous lime green colour LOL :bigsmile:


Not CMC Snot Green? :bigsmile:

I like the design of That’s media.
Everybody will definitely turn some heads with it :wink: Especially the jewel-cases with the Japanese on the packaging are nice :slight_smile:
But the cakeboxed That’s Ceramic Coat are good too, the top design is very clean.

The close second is Verbatim (European). It is clean and not annoying.

And I like printable DVDs without logo. Very neutral and professional (compared to a lot of the rest).

I don’t like HP, 16x TDK because of their colored top, it’s difficult to write on them. But the 8x TDK had a neutral gray top which was great or at least much better than the 16x TDK’s top… :sad:
8x Maxell and 8x Fuji (purple/pink-top!) may also have been offensive to some but IMO they were ok.


I have no reason but to go with Sony’s. Simple and easy to write/read on. Plus it helps that all mine are TY. :wink:


CMC Snot Green, forgot about those :bigsmile:

As mentioned, the US Sony ones are nice too :iagree:…I like silver discs more than goldy coloured ones (sorry Plextor!).

Basically, Sony just make nice looking discs, European or US LOL :wink:

Edit: I always found the Maxell 8x ones quite ugly…the 16x ones are an improvement.


Verbatim Hard Coat Protecion looks fantastic… until you try to write something on them, because they are dark grey so it’s very hard to read anything on them unless written with a white, silver or gold pen.

I like the look of Verbatim Matt Silver and Sony AccuCORE white tops more than any other, but Plextor golden surface and Panasonic golden are nice too.

Printable media is nice too (I don’t need to have guidelines on the disc surface for writing stuff).

The HP DVD-R red/silver is not so great, the TDK blue is even worse to read, but they all pale in comparison to the dark grey Verbatim Hard Coat Protection, which makes written text virtually unreadable.


The TDK blues have got to be my most hated media looks wise. I ended up didtching quite a lot of them simply because I couldn’t identify what was going on the discs.

Edit: whoa, those Verbies really are dark! :eek:


I always thought that the Maxell 8x tops were pretty good, very funky and cool looking. Their 16x simple gold top in Europe is also decent :slight_smile:

Agreed on 16x TDK discs and Verb HardCoats. They clearly didn’t remotely think of end users when they designed them, or maybe they were sniffing thinners? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you were gonna buy some of the Verb HardCoats Arachne?


Oh, I will - they may be dark but they’re very handsome discs. Just have to dig out a silver or gold pen to use with them :smiley:


There’s also the Verbatim Archival Grade media, which has all the benefits of the Hard Coat Protection, plus a gold layer plus a (non-hub) photo printable surface. :smiley:


I’m drooling already! :doh:


Arachne, I think you’re getting too attached to DVD’s :bigsmile:


Don’t drool on the Archival Grade media… the photo printable surface isn’t water resistant! :stuck_out_tongue:


Me? Just suffering withdrawals since I can’t buy any media :sad:

LOL @ Drage :bigsmile:

Back on topic, the mustard-coloured (looks like sick) 8x HP +Rs aren’t much to my liking either. The nice blue CDRs are cool, though…vibrant.


I’ve always liked the look of multi-coloured discs - like the Varbatim Pastels and the Maxell Colour CD-Rs.

It’s a pity that there aren’t that many multi-coloured blank DVDs around though.


I like the look of Verbatim Matt Silver

Same here drage. Their lines make my writing a bit neater and the discs look fine without being fancy or anything.

Now your hard coat protection discs look a fair bit different to mine! Mine are shiny silver, which I don’t like as much as the matte silver becuase the shiny gets fingerprints galore on them.