The best live gig/concert you have been to

I just posted a message on the ‘Rush’ thread and it got me thinking about all of the live performances I have been to over many many years. Too many years come to think of it.

I’ve seen some absolute class gigs that will always remain in my memory such as Guns n Roses reunion at Leeds festival a couple of years ago, every Oasis gig I’ve been to, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden etc etc etc.

Other good times have been at concerts where artists, probably not known that well outside of the UK who have been superb, such as Kula Shaker, Paul Weller, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Ocean Colour Scene.

I’ve walked out of my fair share of gigs as well, wastng my money in the process. They were mainly in the 70’s in the punk era. My, some were excruciatingly poor!!

So, of all the live acts I’ve seen, I think they rank as follows,

Best: Oasis 2005, Newcastle Arena

2nd: James, 2001(ish), Manchester MEN Arena

Joint 3rd: Bon Jovi, 2003 (or 04) Old Trafford, Manchester, and AC/DC, 2001(ish) Manchester MEN Arena

I’d be interested to hear of ‘your’ favourites!

Best: The Saw Doctors, Bristol Rainbow Club, early 1993 (much better live band than studio one!)…saw them again in '98, but they’d gone through a lineup change and weren’t as good.

2nd: The Damned, Bristol Academy, Dec 2004 - I’d been wanting to see them for years, and finally went with a group of people from a forum I used to post on.

I was on the guest list for the Damned gig, and even had the pleasure of meeting the (temporary) bass player in the pub before the gig. Nice guy :iagree:


Jimi Hendrix, 1968, Hartford, CT. U.S…OMG… :cool:

Jefferson Airplane, 1969, somehere in the woods around Woodstock (yeah the “real” Woodstock) - just a jam session, not the stage show - “but stay away from the brown acid, man!” Grace Slick…1969…drool, drool, drool…that’s my girl…attached :iagree:

Keith Urban, 2005, Yeah I know this is a little “different”…my daughter (big CW fan) took me to Amhearst, MA…he was awesome

i’ve been to about 50 concerts or so but that ones that stood out were: Therion, opeth, enslaved, emperor

I was also lucky enough to see Grace Slick and the Airplane in 69. My first and probably the best was Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company in 68 (I think). Saw Led Zeppelin 69. Jimmy Page playing his guitar with a violin bow was the coolest thing I’d ever seen! Eric Burton and War somewhere in the same haze of acid as the others and many, many more. I was fortunate to get to grow up during the absolute best era of rock. As Jimi said "You Will Never Hear Surf Music Again."
And yes, Stay away from the brown acid. :cool:
James4eva, “AC/DC” I’m jealous. They were the group I always wanted to see the most but never had the opportunity. AC/DC Live At Donnington is by far “the best music video ever made”.

As far as I am aware, they are still ‘together’, the last tour they did was the one I mentioned above, some years ago.

They were on top top form :bow:

As for the Live At Donnington album, wow, everytime I put it on and Thunderstruck starts up, I get goosebumps!

The last time I saw them and the intro started for it I was, I don’t know, errr I can’t describe it, euphoric might be the word? It was incredible.

As far as the ‘next’ tour is concerned, for my and your sake I hope they announce one soon. :iagree:

I saw Pink Floyd at the Brewers Stadium in Milw. In 76 for the Animals tour. It was incredible. It was also one of the few stadium concerts. The screen show was unlike
anything I have seen at any concert since.

I call it shiver music. Anytime you can listen to songs you have heard hundreds of times before and the hair on your arms and the back of your neck stand up its something extrordinary. Like the live version of “Crossroads” Eric Clapton did with Cream.
Angus has been doing that to me ever since the days of Bon Scott. They are one of the few groups that dont need a studio to sound good. They are even better live. Angus comes out giving 100% and 2 hours later he’s giving 150%.
That same tour “The Razors Edge” they came here and I was not able to go (wont get into that). The stupid promoters set it up as “General Seating” and when the doors opened eveyone rushed the stage. 2 people got crushed to death. They blamed the band for this (said they were trying to entise a riot)
Even had a picture of Brian Johnson in the paper smiling like he thought it was funny. The band didn’t even know anything had happend. They even stated that the band was satanic. It was just sickening. Well I’ve drifted off topic a bit, sorry!

I can’t believe I left that one out… :o :confused:
Cream, 1966 (??? I think), New Haven, CT…“Crossroads”… :iagree:

Pink Floyd - Giants Stadium, NJ - July '94

wish i could have seen them in the 70’s or, at the very least, all together at Live8 this past summer.

Yea, they were never the same without Roger Waters lyrics. After “The Final Cut” their music was good music, just boring, but their concerts were known to be fantastic.
Roger Waters made a music video a couple of years ago called “In The Flesh” which is excellent! Well worth buying.

Pink Floyd, Feb 1980, LA Sports Arena. The Wall Concert.

I saw Boston in 89, with the original singer Brad Delp. He was deadly, along with the whole sound and backing vocals. The crowd was really into it. I’ve seen Maiden three times and they never failed to dissapoint me. I also saw a Bon Jovi concert, certainly not one of my favourites, but i think my GF at the time wanted to go. It was sold out, the fans were going crazy and they put on a great show.

Shows I want to see before I die.
U2, even though Bono is kind of a dick now.
(Geddy Lee hates us for some reason :sad: :sad: )

I am sooooo jealous of some people here. Esp those that went to Jimi Hendrix (he’s on of my all-time idols) and that “The wall” concert of Pink floyd. That album (and live album) I’ve been listening to since I was 2 years old and I still love it.

My best gig? Let me think for a while. I’ve been to quite a few concerts. AC/DC (2001, Utrecht) was very very good. Those guts keep on rocking. I saw Steve Vai live 2 times and that was great too. Esp the first time when he played a classical concert together with a great Dutch orchestra. That was may 2004, Amsterdam.
Oh… and not to forget… I saw Nightwish at the Lowlands festival in august 2005. I was really stunned by Tarja’s vocal capacities… loved that concert too…!

Hi :slight_smile:
Jimi Hendrix Experience @ Colston Hall Bristol.
Cream @ the Victoria Rooms Bristol.
Van Morrison various venues throughout the ages.
Free Lancaster Uni.
Woodstock (If I was there I can’t remember it, but then again I wouldn’t. Would I?)

Wow jimmybob, I forgot about Boston. I saw them in about 1979 in Newcastle, England.

They were brilliant, Brad’s singing was excellent, he hit all those high notes, but it was Tom Sholtz (don’t know if I spelled it right?) who ran the whole show.

Yes, I forgot about them. Brilliant :bow: :bow: :bow:

i forgot about a small show i went to while in college that was one of the best i’ve seen…

Roni Size / Reprazent - New Forms tour - Boston '97

amazing to see and dance to live drum and bass…especially when it’s with a full drum set and live bassist…

Hi :slight_smile:
Can’t believe I left out Ronnie Size & Massive Attack + Tricky. All Bristol based originally. BabyD as well (not Bristol based).

Sounds like you’re from my neck of the woods, Zebadee! :cool:

Gotta love Massive Attack, although I’ve never seen them live :sad:

Hi :slight_smile:
I guess so. :iagree: I’ve got the third bench from the top of Brandon Hill. :bigsmile: