The best liteon

I have read and heard lot of very bad things about liteon, and, to be brief, that no liteon dvd writer actually on the marked can match BenQ 1640/1650 and NEC 3550 quality burns and quality control. Even Samsung should bit Liteon…
Is this true?
I would like to know, briefly, if I do not necesarily need dvd-ram nor I need the super ultra maxi super faster burn, but I just look for the best writing quality, low noise, and overall compatibility (of burned media in other players, of drive with enclosures, of drive with writable medias, in the meaning of all possible formats + and - DL, apart for dvd ram which I still do not know if I will use some time) and stop, so, which would be the best Liteon on the market now and with which firmware? Or, maybe, other brand?
Consider i have a laptop pentiumIII 750mhz with 512 RAM, and win XP PRo SP2…

That’s because people have very bad memory

Since the 1693S liton has made a huge come back!!! The new 6S is as good as the Benq 1640/1650.
I will never ever change my old retired 1633S (which is one of the worst Liteon) for a Samsung!!!


If you don’t want neither Lightscribe nor DVDRam, go for a 160P6S.
If you want DVDRam, go for 165P6S!!
If you want Lightscribe support, go for a 165H6S.

The latest one!!!

you can also consider Benq/philips, Pioneer.

It will work … but it may be time to upgrade your PC …

bichonn is dead right that the 1693 signaled a turn around for Liteon burn quality, especially if you have quality media. They still have quirks but more features than many other drives.

If you are looking, you need to consider that external drives are not as trouble free as internal and I would guess that you have USB 1.1 given the specs you posted. I would wait to add a DVD burner if this is the case.

Sorry, didn´t saw your answer…
Yes, I have usb1.1, but I plan to use a pc-card adapter with two usb2 and two firewire 400 ports. And use the firewire for burning and usb for upgrading firmware…
My lap has got two pc-card slot of typeII, 32bits… so, they are right. No idea the controller.
Ram is Pc100 type…
What do you mean for “quirks”? If I would have more problems than with benq, as benq in your test is 12x, which is not slow at all, I prefer benq. I just want to be sure to have good burns and scannings and no problems with enclosure. 12 or 16 x is really not important. Of course, if both are good the same, well, the faster is better as it seems I will already have too much speed limitations… :frowning:

No money… Just the needed for a dvd writer and etc…
And I cant add a dvdwriter internal, motherboard does not support it…
Lot of thanks for the infos! :flower:

The quirks I refer to are some werd problems in certain firmware and the annoying problem of not reporting that they are set for booktyping. Also they have had trouble (fixed) with lead in on -R and all their attempts to burn better on the fly can really lead to difficulties if you don’t scientifically manage your results; way too many variables.

If you stick to MCC 004, I would still recommend the Liteon. It is more flexible with external chipsets and a better scanner.

School english please :rolleyes:
Stick mean “to use only this”?
MCC 004 is some code for a dvd media type? :confused:

^Yes, Verbatim or Mitsubishi 16X +R media to be exact.

Thank You Bhairav!
Ok, so, understood this, in other words which is the relation between these medias and the preference for liteon… I miss something. :eek: