The best Lite On DVD Recorder?

I had a Lite On a while back but I returned it because it was overheating and causing jitter in the image. But I really like the picture quality of this machine, can somebody recommend a liteon that doesnt overheat and doesnt have jitter issues?

Liteon HD-A740GX DVD Recorder with 160GB do you know anything about this item :slight_smile:

Not a thing, enlgihten me please?

My opinion, stay away from LITEON - I have been there - have tried many of the models sold out there and found them most to be flimsey and unreliable (poor tuner quality).

I have ever since gotten a Toshiba DR4 an I am extremely happy (excellent filters, no over softening of images like on Panasonic, Samsung and Liteon), no jitters (contains a frame syncroniser), no audio/video sync issues, sharpness enhancer, IRE recording level, and more…

How about the DR5? Thats the newer model out now?

i will be getting a DR5 in the weeks to come so I’ll let you know - I wanted a second DR4 but it is discontinued (too bad) so I will get a DR5 to complement my DR4.

From what I read the DR5 is very good - although I read on a forum that it is not as sharp as the DR4, but then I read otherwise, so I have to test it myself.

Also this recorder has an outstanding tuner (it features a stereo tuner and passthru).

the lvw-5045 is good after you make a few physical modications and set the firmware correctly. Straight out of the box it’s probably better if you get a sony.