The Best Hide my IP (Freeware)?

I’m looking for the best (freeware). Thanks:confused:

As far as I’m aware of, Tor is the only decent free anonymity service for hiding your IP, but its performance is very limited. For browsing, it may perform no better than 56k dial-up like speed. As far as I’m aware of, it can be used for anonymous P2P, but don’t expect to be able to download or share large files quickly over it.

The main problem with the free ones is that very few users or companies are willing to provide the bandwidth to run the services. Most other free anonymous services actually make the use of public proxies which are often run by PCs infected with malware running them as proxies without the user’s knowledge.

For P2P file sharing, you will need a VPN based service compatible your file sharing software (e.g. BitTorrent.) The only reasonably priced one I know of off hand is Ipredator, which is €15 for 3 months. As far as I can tell, it allows incoming connections also, which is something no free anonymous service I’m aware of is capable of, which makes it better suited for file sharing heavily dependent on incoming connections such as BitTorrent.

If you would like to be able to get around regional restrictions, e.g. watch online TV services outside of the region they are restricted to, you would be much better off paying for a country based IP cloaking service. For example, Identity Cloaker gives you an IP from a country of your choice, so if let’s say you would like to watch TV shows online restricted to UK viewers, you would select a UK IP. Their service is free for a few websites, e.g. Google, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, etc. so you can try it out to see what its performance is like. It’s quite pricey at €30 for 3 months, but has the major advantage of letting you choose which country to spoof your IP to.

Im not sure about standalone prog, but I found Firefox addition named [Stealthy]( - it works great for me, the only bad thing is that searching systems always mistakes with my locations targeting and jumping with default language selection throught all Europe randomly.
Ghostery is another plug-in for Mozilla, it is lite version of blocker, but much easy to function with turned on.

Why would you want to hide your ip?
Look if you want to download there are pleanty
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You could try free proxy servers. is one site which lists proxy IPs

The best way to hide your ip is to use a vpn, like freedom-ip.

VPN isn’t always safe for hiding. Read this. Choose your VPN wisely, see also this.

I’ve used AnchorFree Hotspot Shield in the past (link), which is a free VPN provider and worked quite well from my experience. The only main thing I did not like was its ads, as it display a banner ad at the top of every page from what I recall. On the other hand, it was fairly quick unlike most free proxys and it was quick enough to watch the BBC iPlayer through it without buffering issues. I’m not sure if they still give a UK IP address though, but they did when I last used them over a year ago.

One thing to beware of is that there are a few websites that heavily frown upon using proxy/VPN IP addresses (including those of paid providers) and may automatically suspend or ban any user account caught with such an IP (e.g. TVCatchup’s website.) Some others just block access to their website/forum for the duration of using such an IP address. For example, the website will display a blocked message when connected to any free/paid proxy or VPN provider, but opens fine once disconnected. To be on the safe side, make sure you disconnect from the VPN before visiting forums. The same goes checking your e-mail (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) as many of these services go through a security-clearance process when accessed from an IP address of a different geographic region all the sudden.

For file sharing or getting around regional restrictions to watch on-demand TV, I would strongly recommend paying for a VPN service. Some pay-for VPN services also give a dedicated (instead of shared) IP address for the duration of the connection, allowing incoming connections. This is absolutely essential for many file sharing applications such as BitTorrent and certain streaming websites that don’t allow multiple streams to a given IP address.

Tethering from a mobile phone is actually another effective way of hiding the owner. Unlike a broadband connection where each subscriber has a dedicated IP address for a given period of time, a single IP address may be shared with 1000’s of users simultaneously on a cellular network. While this makes it practically unusable for BitTorrent (small swarms) and other services that depend on incoming connections, it does make the user’s IP address practically untraceable, since if the mobile provider is asked to identify a subscriber using an IP address for a given time & date stamp, that IP address could match several hundred subscribers the IP address was shared with at that time.

For those looking to temporarily get around an IP block, such as where they end up with a blacklisted IP due to IP address reuse by many IPs, take your laptop (tablet or smartphone) to anywhere with free Wi-Fi. Unlike free proxies and VPN services, a free Wi-Fi hotspot is less likely to have its IP address on a blacklist, since only users physically within range of the Wi-Fi can use it, where as a free proxy/VPN could be used by millions of users (including spammers and other abusers) around the world. Most forums that block IP addresses at registration generally don’t block IPs from existing accounts, so once an account is created and activated from an IP that is not blacklisted, then it should be usable even with a blacklisted IP.

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