The best game ripper?

I currently own the Yamaha F1 SCSI & the Plextor DVD combo cdr which are both great for audio ripping and audio burning.

I want the best game ripper around - and from articles on this forum I understand Liteon is the way to go if you want the best game ripper.

My question is whether the best game ripper would be:

  1. Lite on DVD/CD IDE reader 16XDVD/48XCD

  2. Lite on CD IDE reader 52XCD

  3. Lite on CDRW IDE burner 52XCDR/24XCDRW/52CD

Which one would you choose - price is no concern since Lite On is pretty inexpensive anyway.

If it’s primary task it to read , i wouldn’t buy a writer. From what i know if you use a writer as both reader and writer , the laser will deteriorate faster than that of a normal cd reader.

Nevertheless , writers are more known for optimum extraction of audio tracks and are more precise. DVD readers are of course even more precise (more data on same density) and thus i’d recommend option 1

I’ve got a Toshiba M1612 IDE DVD/CD reader myself ; Although it’s amazingly slow when ripping/extracting , it does read everything flawlessly.